Case of the week #534

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O.V. Chursina*, O.L. Malmberg** and A.V. Zvereva**

* Tula Regional Perinatal Center, Tula, Russia 
**  Medical Group Investment Perinatal Medical Center “Mother and Child”, Moscow, Russia

Posting Dates: April 8 - April 21, 2021

Case Report: A 28-year-old G3P2 woman with no past medical history presents for a routine first trimester ultrasound after spontaneous conception. Prior deliveries had been via caesarean section. There is no family history of inherited diseases.  An ultrasound examination at 11-12 weeks of pregnancy revealed the following findings:

Image 1
Video 1
Image 2
Image 3

Image 4
Image 5
Video 2
Image 6

At 20-21 weeks of gestation, we identified the following findings on the fetus located at the upper left corner of image 1 and video 1:

Video 3


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