How Can I Help? is a global community effort to share knowledge about prenatal diagnosis in order to improve maternal and fetal care. This mission would not be possible without the help and collaboration of participants around the world. We rely heavily on our dedicated users, who have played a considerable role in the success of For those who would like to go above and beyond, we accept volunteers who can assist with the day-to-day running of the website, as well as monetary donations of any kind.

Submit Your Interesting Cases or Articles!

The site is constantly updated with cases seen around the world. It is your cases and discussions that contribute to the shared knowledge on the website. We encourage you to submit your interesting cases and articles for review.

A good Case of the Week is a unique or unusual case that can be diagnosed solely using prenatal imaging techniques (Ultrasound, MRI, etc). Cases requiring genetic information to arrive at the appropriate diagnosis, for example, are not possible to solve with imaging alone.

An article can be a series of similar cases with review of the medical literature, or a case that requires a multidisciplinary approach for diagnosis (for example, genetic information).

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Volunteer to be a Reviewer for a Month! (RAM)

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The roles and responsibilities of the Reviewer for A Month (RAM) will evolve and change over time. Currently, the RAM will be responsible for posting the Case of the Week and selecting the correct answers for the month assigned. These cases may come from user submissions or your own collection.

While we don’t want to discourage anyone from volunteering on the website, a reviewer should have a comprehensive knowledge of fetal ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis. You should be comfortable interpreting all prenatal imaging modalities, and reviewing the medical literature.  Ideally, you are familiar with perhaps you have been following the site for a few years, answering the Case of the Week, or even submitting your own cases.

  • You will be responsible for posting a Case of the Week on the 15th and 30th day of your assigned month.
  • You will mark the correct answers for the two Case of the Weeks that are revealed during your month.
  • You will review cases and articles that have been submitted by users, and work with them to revise the submissions as appropriate (ask for additional images or video clips, edit the content of the text or tables, request appropriate postnatal follow up information, etc). This can be one source of the Case of the Week you will be posting during your month.

If there are other colleagues from whom you would like to get additional input regarding a submission, you can share the case with them. We ask that for the Case of the Week, do not share with too many website users as this may inadvertently distribute the answer to the community.

This responsibility will carry on for the calendar month. We expect that it will take approximately 2-4 hours per week.

Ideally, your cases and articles would be evaluated by another reviewer, just like the users of the website. However, if there is a shortage of cases submitted by users for the Case of the Week, it is reasonable to post your own unique cases. We ask that you use the same scrutiny for your own cases as you would for any other submission.


While everyone working on the site is a volunteer, basic maintenance and modifications to the website to improve its function cost money.