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Case of the Week #571

Current Case of the Week (COW)

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To join the community and participate in solving current cases, simply click the "view current case" button below. This will take you to the case summary page with full details and additional media. To participate, you will first need to create an account or sign-in. You can then submit your answers.

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Your name, country of origin, and profession (physician, sonographer, student). You can only submit your answers once, but you get three answers. The correct answer is revealed at the end of the posting period.

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Previous Winners

  • Umber Agarwal Profile Pic
    Umber Agarwal, United States
    Cases Solved: 17
  • Halil Mesut, Turkey
    Cases Solved: 16
  • Fatih ULUC, Turkey
    Cases Solved: 16
  • Ana Ferrero, Spain
    Cases Solved: 14
  • Javier Cortejoso, Spain
    Cases Solved: 11

First-Time Winners

  • Ta Son Vo Profile Pic
    Ta Son Vo, Viet Nam
    Cases Solved: 13
  • Murat Cagan, Turkey
    Cases Solved: 13
  • Suat Ä°nce, Turkey
    Cases Solved: 12
  • Ionut Valcea, Romania
    Cases Solved: 11
  • Vladimir Lemaire, United States
    Cases Solved: 9


Previous Winners

  • Dianna Heidinger Profile Pic
    Dianna Heidinger, United States
    Cases Solved: 12
  • Laurie Briare, United States
    Cases Solved: 2
  • Claudette Schekorra, United States
    Cases Solved: 1

First-Time Winners

  • Rushina Patel Profile Pic
    Rushina Patel, United States
    Cases Solved: 7
  • Oskar Sylwestrzak, Poland
    Cases Solved: 6
  • Sonio Sonio, France
    Cases Solved: 6
  • Rebecca Evans, Australia
    Cases Solved: 4
  • Katie Montagne, United States
    Cases Solved: 3


Top Contributors

  • Javier Cortejoso Profile Pic
    Javier Cortejoso, Spain
    Article & Case Contributions: 4
  • Frantisek Grochal, Slovakia
    Article & Case Contributions: 4
  • Moshe Bronshtein, Israel
    Article & Case Contributions: 3
  • Boujemaa Oueslati, Tunisia
    Article & Case Contributions: 2
  • Lusine Karapetyan, Russian Federation
    Article & Case Contributions: 2

Previous winners: Users who have been recognized on a "Top Winners list" in years past; First-time winners: Users who have not yet been on the annual "Top Winners list." The Sonographers category also incorporates "other" job titles.

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Dear Esteemed Users of,

We are very excited to add a "Discussion" button to the Case of the Week. Once the case answer is revealed, you will be able to ask questions or make comments using this discussion function. We hope this will produce a lively conversation with users around the world!

Sincerely,… read the full entry

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Our main goal is to improve patient care by providing free educational material to ultrasound practitioners worldwide. Submitted cases and articles serve as study material for website users to advance their knowledge of ultrasound diagnosis for the benefit of their patients. The website is regularly supplied by up-to-date information provided by its supporters. is registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the United States Internal Revenue Service and any donations are tax deductible.

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Prerna Agarwal India Radiologist

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