Winners of the Case of the Week for 2010 - Winners' list

Philippe Jeanty, MD PhD.

2010-12-14-12 Winners of the case of the week for 2010 © Jeanty

Congratulations to the winners of the case of the week, 2010!

As we are closing on the 12th year of TheFetus on line and the 20th year of the origin of TheFetus we have collected thousands of images, hundreds of videoclips and about 2900 articles and cases. The change to a new environment, server and to new links has caused some problems of broken links and loss of some of the referrals we had. But hopefully this will correct over time as links are recreated. Do encourage your friends, colleagues, residents and students to visit and submit their cases so that we can keep providing all these interesting cases.


Top first time winners - physician

Larisa Golovakha

22 solved cases


I live in a small town but work at a great Donetsk’s regional specialized center of medical genetic and prenatal diagnosis in Ukraine. I am a gynecologist and I perform obstetrics ultrasound examinations. I’ve got one son. He is student at a Technical University and will be an engineer in future. I am keen on reading classical literature. My favorite writers are Dostoyevskyi and Chekhov. I’m also fond of Steinbeck and Vonnegut. Ultrasound is not only my profession but it is my biggest hobby. I am interested in the search process of the right answer for You have the possibility to systematize your experience and acquire new knowledge and suddenly you have “Excellent!” on the screen!!! Larisa solved 22 of 25 cases in the year 2010! She shares the first place with 3 other collegues. This is a great result, congratulations! Tatiyana Koipish Belarus 22 solved cases

I am from Minsk, Belarus. I have been working in the center of prenatal diagnosis for 4 years. I always search for the answers for puzzles with a great pleasure. My family, my husband and my daughter Ann, who is 10 years old, always support me and enjoy my success. I like my profession and I like to study, therefore I am grateful to for the opportunity to improve my professional skills and exchange experience with colleagues from other countries. Yury Demenyuk Republic of Moldova 22 solved cases

I am a head of the department of prenatal diagnosis in the Bender City, Transnistria, Republic of Moldova. I enjoy my occupation so much it is essentially my hobby. Besides my work, I enjoy gardening. I have a lemon tree in my office and when my colleagues come to visit I treat them with tea with my lemons. Sometimes we drink something stronger as well. I enjoy cycling and photography. I am married and I have three children. Charles Egley USA 22 solved cases

I did my residency at Harvard and Maternal Fetal Medicine fellowship at University of North Carolina.  Now I work in private practice in Peoria, Il.  My major hobby is woodworking. Charles fully deserves his victory this year. His answers come always among the first ones and are correct. I had a chance to meet him in person during our Fetal Echo course last summer. He is a wonderful guy. He says that he learns a great deal from our website but we also learn from him. Congratulations!!! Elango Ravirajasekar India 21 solved cases

I am 37 years old, married to my wife who is an obstetrician. I have one lovely kid, 6 years old. We live and practise in Karur, a small town in Tamilnadu, India. I am a pediatrician, and I started to developed my interest in the fetal medicine, after I came across babies born with congenital defects. I started fetal medicine carrier in the year 2002. I have met Dr. Jeanty in the year 2007 at Hydrabad, where I got to know about Since then, it has become my hobby. I go through all the articles and cases, the website is like an encyclopedia of fetal medicine. My hearty wishes to Jeanty and his team to keep the momentum that has been generated moving! Congratulations to Elango for such a great result this year!!!   Andrei Telitchenko Ukraine 21 solved cases

I come from Ukraine and I am 38 years old. I work in Donetsk, in one of the best centers of prenatal diagnosis in the country. I specialize not only in the ultrasound but as an obstetrican-gynecologist, I do invasive studies as well. My job is my hobby. I spend almost all my free time on the websites dedicated to the ultrasound, including TheFetus net of course. I really like driving my car and listening to the music at the same time which is great because my work is a very far from home so I spend lot of time on the road. I also love reading and traveling. I am married and I have a beautiful wife and daughter, who is 10 years old and who I love very much. It's a big honor for me to be listed among the top winners. This means that my work was not wasted and I am moving in the right direction... Thank you all, for the work you do while running this website. Mariem Mohammed Gweder  Libya 20 solved cases

I am an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist from Libya. I work in Aljala Maternity Hospital in Tripoli, Libya. I live with my husband, and our three children, my son Abdul who is 16, and my two daughters, Rima 15, and Gadk 11. I love my family, my work and my patients. My special interest is fetal medicine and prenatal diagnosis, I am a member of the RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) and ISUOG. My knowledge in prenatal diagnosis has dramatically improved after following website. At the beginning of the year 2010, I decided to be one of the top winners and I did it! So, I am very happy for that. Our congratulations to Mariem, she did great and her New Year's resolution became truth! Florian Faschingbauer Germany 19 solved cases

I am working in the department of obstetrics and prenatal care at the university of Erlangen, Germany. In my very scarce free time, I like to do all kinds of outdoor sports such as rock climbing, mountaineering, etc. Florian started with COW cases this year and succeeded!!! Congratulations.   Valeriy Zakharov Russia 19 solved cases

 I am from Magnitogorsk city in the Ural region of Russia. At first, prenatal ultrasound was only my additional interest. But time is running and world is changing… and it’s splendid! Now I dedicate all my time to the prenatal ultrasound. My biggest hobby is, Sonoworld & Russian website I like to spend my free time with my family. We like to travel and enjoy spending our summer vacation on the sea coast. We are glad that Valeriy specializes at the prenatal diagnosis because he is very good at it! Veronika Frisova Czech Republic 18 solved cases

I am a a fetal medicine specialist and currently work both in the Clinic of Imaging Methods in the Faculty Hospital Motol and 2nd Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic and in my private clinic Profema - Fetal medicine centre. As a FMF London trainer, I am responsible for the education and FMF certification in the Czech Republic.  I was trained in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the Czech Republic and in year 2004 I was offered a fellowship at FMF and King's College Hospital, London, United Kingdom. I worked for 2.5 years in London with Prof. Nicolaides, receiving an extensive education and experience in the field of feto-maternal medicine. I was awarded Diploma in Fetal Medicine in 2008. My main interest is a prenatal diagnosis of congenital defects done by the combination of 2D- and 3D/4D ultrasound and fetal magnetic resonance.


Top first time winners - sonographers

Amy Zdansky


19 solved cases


I am an Ultrasound Technologist who loves her job. I have been working in Illinois for the last 9 years and just recently moved to Texas. I have two teenage boys 19 and 15 year old. I enjoy the beach, shells, fishing, hunting, and especially the warm weather. I appreciate The as an educational resource and a challenge to keep me on my toes..  Amy participated on COWs for the first time this year and made it straight among the winners. 19 solved cases, that's a great job!!! Carol A. Sanchez  USA 16 solved cases

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I have been doing high risk ultrasound with UTMB (University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston) since 2000 but I have enjoyed fetal ultrasound since the beginning of my scanning career in 1983. I have 3 sons, 27, 25, and 14 years old. I enjoy training new sonographers,  medical students and MFM fellows. I love sports, reading a good mystery and spending time with my family. I have always enjoyed this site but never submitted answers until this year and I hope to continue to do so for many years. We are glad that Carol likes our website and decided to submit her answers this year. She did great!!! Flor M. Galdamez USA 10 solved cases

I am from El Salvador, and I grew up in California and graduated as a Sonographer. Now I work in MFM University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. I have 2 beautiful children, both are my reason for living. I enjoy drawing, painting, photography, watching cartoons with my kids. I love my career and wish to continue my studies in fetal sonography. I have enjoyed and learned so much from site from the first time I found it. I noticed that you could try for the COW answers; but I didn't have enough courage to send an answer. When I did finally answer first case, I realized it was much more fun than I thought. I've gone off and on to send an answer, but I plan to try it in every case next year.  Thank you for this site, I show it to all of the medical students we get; they enjoy and learn from it very much also. Seems like UTMB has brilliant and dedicated sonographers. Congratulations!!   Dan White Australia 9 solved cases


I am a Senior Sonographer working for Southern Health in Melbourne, Australia. I was born and raised in Canada where I started as a sonographer and moved to Australia ten years ago with my wife and 2 children. We have a wonderful, supportive team across 3 hospitals and yes I love my job.  I started late this year entering cases but look forward to an early start next year!  My hobbies outside ultrasound are cycling and guitar. 


Previous top first time winners - physicians

Megha Venkatraman,


25 solved cases


Nothing new is happening to me here in Oman. My husband is a cardiothoracic surgeon and my daughter Prachiti who is now 17 will soon be going off to university. She does not want do anything with medicine. She hopes to take up law as a career. Megha has been a top winner since 2006! She got all the answers correct as she did last year! This is so wonderful and almost hard to believe because some of the cases we publish are really tricky. Thank you Megha and congratulations!!! Ebubekir Unlu  Turkey 25 solved cases  

I am a good student of, I always try to learn something, nowadays I am studying spanish and italian. I like Latin American countries and people who live over there, that are hot bloodied:) I got already retired but I returned to my medicine because I love my job. is my big hobby. My son has a master degree in computer science and is working in Pennsylvania, I'm very proud of him. Ebu got all the cases correct, congratulations! He is a devoted fan of our website and dear friend. Albana Cerekja Italy 24 solved cases


I was born in a lovely city in Albania (Elbasan) and I live and work in Rome since 1997. I perform ultrasound in public and private outpatient services. I love ob-gyn ultrasound and my job is my main passion. I also love to go around the city and shop with my little-big daughter that I hope will become a doctor like me. I would like to teach her all the things I have learned and I learn every day on my favorite website Albana is a big website supporter, she keeps sending us many great and very interesting cases. Thank you!   Christa Faschingbauer  Germany 24 solved cases

I honestly have no new information about me - either that I am happy to be a mum and a "mum-in-law". And as my boy-friend always says, I am Junkie. I am very thankful to Philippe for creating this challenging site and I hope that we have many more interesting cases ahead of us. Christa is a wonderful person and always the first one to answer the cases. She missed the only case this year and solved 24 cases!!! Philippe DeblieckGermany 24 solved cases


When I was 52, it was a very good year....  I am the oldest of 33 Cousins. And each of them has in average two or three children.(Re-)-count now ;-).Our oldest son (born in Africa in the time, where I worked in Burundi as a tropical doctor) has completed his education in Bioinformatics, our daughter studies Psychology and the last one, the 14- year-old David has reached puberty and we have to stay cool. He is a good cellist and plays Mendelssohn ,” a song without words”, on next Saturday. Count down before a white Christmas with Glühwein (hot wine punch ) and  cookies… we can’t wait!!! Philippe is a very interesting person, he travels all the time and we are always looking forward to his answers and very cute emails. He got 24 cases correct!! Emmanuel JulienFrance 24 solved cases

It was a real pleasure and sometimes a real headache to search some very tricky COWs after solving 22 cows in 2009 I hoped to do better. So it is a good year for me because I did better. I am a little disappointed to miss the first one which was not a very difficult case, perhaps I wasn't awake at the beginning of this year. Emmanuel has a wife and two sons. He likes to ride his bike and paint. He solved 24 cases which is more than last year. Great job! Elena Andreeva, Russia 23 solved cases

I am so glad to be among the winners of my favorite site again. For the past year I have been living and working in Moscow. It is very beautiful and diverse city. I am very lucky to live there. I have my little happiness, my daughter Arina. I love my job, I love to work for my boss who is a beautiful and intelligent woman. My friend from Belarus, a great specialist Odegova Natalia, came to help me. She is also a great friend of TheFetus. Every day we have around 5 to 8 pregnant women with fetal anomalies. Among them there are many of interesting genetic syndromes and pathologies of the first trimester. All of this is extremely interesting for me. And paradoxically, the more I know, the more I want to learn. Elena send us very interesting cases and COWs again this year and we would like to thank her for all the website support. She solved 23 cases which is a great result!!! Seerat Mahotra Oman 23 solved cases

Seerat comes from India and works in Oman at the moment. She has two children aged 17 and 13-years-old. She was the Top first time winner last year and stayed among the top winners this year as well. The competition was great this year and she did great and solved 23 cases! Alexandra Piganova Ukraine 23 solved cases

My sons have grown up a lot since the last year, especially the older one, who will soon reach up to my shoulders. They are my best friends and devoted fans of the hunt for the correct COW answers on They are happy for me in case I get the answer correct and support me if I fail the case. Thank you for this enthralling and endless studies, which allow us to improve our professional knowledge. I hope to participate successfully in the future as well. Alexandra always writes a very nice answer with the detailed description of all the findings and possible differential diagnosis. We learn from her answers ourselves:) Alexander Krasnov Ukraine 23 solved cases

Thank you very much for including me among the Top winners. It is a very pleasant news for me. I take great pleasure from communication with TheFetus. The information which I can find and read on your site help me very much. You do very good and necessary work. Alex solved 20 cases last year and was the first time winner, he got even better this year and missed only 2 COWs. He comes from Donetsk city in the east of Ukraine and works in the center of medical genetics and prenatal diagnosis. He has two wonderful sons.  Nickolay Petrovich Veropotvelyan Ukraine 23 solved cases

I am a director of the  Multiregional Specialized Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnostics Center in Kryvyi Rih. Kryvyi Rih (Krivoy Rog in russian) – is one of the longest city in the world it’s length is 126 km. I am a vice-president of the Perinatal Medicine Ukrainian  Association. I specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Genetics, Ultrasound diagnostics and also in Organization and Management of Public Health. Prenatal and interventional fetal ultrasound is my favorite work and main hobby. For a personal contribution to the creation and development of Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnostics in Practical Medicine of Ukraine I was awarded with a Silver Medal “X-Years of Ukraine’s Independence”. I belong among the “TOP-100 in Medicine”. I am interested in genetics, reproductive medicine, maternal &  fetal medicine and  interventional & laboratory methods of prenatal diagnostics, so I like to solve rebuses and puzzles. I come from a great doctor’s family – my both parents are doctors. I am married and have two lovely sons. My beautiful wife is a designer. My elder son is an engineer and the younger one is a school boy. My hobbies are car and tank driving, drawing, sniping, hunting and reading. I also like a fine music and movies. My motto is:" Never give up; No matter how hard, Never focus on Your “who”; The results will show You!" Nickolay was awarded - Zolotiy Hrest Chesti I Zvytyagy  “ Lytsar Vitchyzny” - a Gold Cross of Honour and Valour ”Knight of Fatherland” and a sword (inscribed with his name) of the “Ukrainian Knight Legion”. Gulser Bingol Turkey 22 solved cases

Gulser is from Turkey, she is working as an Ob/Gyn at the Sakarya Research and Education Hospital near Istanbul. She got 22 correct answers and got again among the top winners!     Aasia Qurban Pakistan 21 solved cases

 AAsia solved 21 cases this year. Congratulations!!! Othman A.R.M. Al Asali Saudi Arabia 21 solved cases

Othman is a great website supporter, he sends us many interesting cases and we would like to thank him for that! He did great with COWs this year!!!