Winners of the Case of the Week for 2021 - Winner's List had a major makeover this year for the first time since its inception as an online journal for case reports in 1999. Thank you to all the users who have been patient with us during the remodel! We hope the site is easier to use, and we will continue to build in systems that will make case submission and review more straightforward. This year, 21 cases were presented, and there were 125 participants who responded correctly at least once to the case of the week. Hopefully this number will continue to grow as everyone becomes more familiar with the site. You can see from the map that website users come from all 6 major continents and 183 different countries!

TheFetus users 2021

I want to thank all of the contributors this year.  I have listed them below. Since I am a general surgeon, I depend on all of you to contribute your interesting cases to carry on my father’s tradition of the COW – Case Of the Week.

Author Country of Origin Cases Contributed (#)
Fabien Ho Reunion Island 5
Fabrice Cuillier Reunion Island 6
Petra Turnova Slovakia 1
Oueslati Boujemaa Tunisia 1
Frantisek Grochal Slovakia 5
Olga Chursina Russia 1
Javier Cortejoso Spain 3
Glynis Sacks USA 2
Moshe Bronshtein Israel 2
Omayyah Dar Odeh Jordan 1
Agarwal Umber United Kingdom 1
Luis A Izquierdo USA 1

I want to extend a giant and special thank you to Franti, Fabien, and Javier for always answering my emails, and for writing, reviewing, editing and posting many of the cases!

Physicians – First-time winners

Albert Buwono (Indonesia) - 6 Cases


Seadet Zeynalova (Azerbaijan) - 5 Cases


I live in Baku. I am Azerbaijani. I work at the Healthy Life Clinic. I have a daughter, two sons and grandson. I like to read books. I love my family and my job. I am happy to be a doctor.

Ahmed Gohar (Egypt) - 5 Cases

Inanc Mendilcioglu cropped

Sara Abdallah Salem (Egypt) - 5 Cases

Lara Gazarova crop

I am Sara Abdallah Mohamed SaLem MD of obstetrics and gynecology. Fellowship with Cairo fetal medicine unit. Lecturer at Beni-sueif university. I would like to be described # love fetal medicine and think it's a very special knowledge from God and hope I can make a difference.# I really admire and appreciate your efforts.

Vicente Patiño Oleaque (Spain) - 4 Cases


Danilo Feitosa (Brazil) - 4 Cases


I graduated in medicine in 2011 and currently work as a Radiologist in a private clinic in Fortaleza-CE Brazil. Most of the day, I'm working on OB/Gyn and internal medicine ultrasound. During the last five years, I became particularly interested in prenatal diagnosis and that was how I got to know I'm glad to be on the 2021 winners list. is a source of knowledge for all of us who perform obstetrical ultrasound and I appreciate that the page keeps working and uptodating.

Boujemaa Oueslati (Tunisia) - 4 cases solved

Screen Shot 2021 12 29 at 10 35 11 AM

Medecin Tunisien (Tunis, Tunisie, Afrique du Nord), specialiste en Gynecologie Obstetrique, puis specialiste en Echographie et medecine Materno-FƓtales, (certifiĂ© depuis les annĂ©es 2000) et toujours validĂ© par la Fondation de Medecine FƓtale (FMF). Je travaille dans un centre privĂ© de Medecine Materno-Foetale: Belveder Centre.

Je suis le 1er Medecin, en Tunisie, Ă  faire de l'Echographie Materno-FƓtale, une activitĂ© Ă  part entiere pour « Imposer »  une demarche-qualitĂ© et un niveau qui respecte les normes de la medecine et respecte le patient. Je suis pratiquement un Auto-Didacte aidĂ© par le CFEF, la FMF et les Docteurs: Yves Ville, Nadine David, Laurent Fermont, Marc Althuser,  JP Bault et notre cher regrettĂ© Dr Philippe Jeanty qui m'ont beaucoup aidĂ© et assistĂ©. Je les remercie tous avec une immense gratitude.

Mon Centre a toujours encouragé les jeunes Medecins et Sage-Femmes en les accueillant pour des formations, des stages et pour elaborer leurs « memoires » et « theses ».

J ai beaucoup travaillé surtout sur (1) le depistage precoce des malformations et des anomalies chromosomiques au 1er trimestre. (2)  la regles des 3 echographies systematiques des 3 trimestres integrées et  basées sur la datation precoce (8-10 SA: 16mm<LCC<33mm). (3)  la Relation: "Medecin-Malade" ou "Medecin-Patient": Conferences, ecrits sur la Presse, sur le web, et en particuliers: sur des livres de poesie engagée en langue arabe.

Mon Hymne est l'amour de mon pays et de mes patient(e)s; Mon Embleme est la Qualité et  mon Objectif est L'efficience.  Ma Methdologie est la Formation Continue, la Rigueur,  les Echanges toujours fructueux et le ContrÎle-Qualité Contnus.

Je remercie Ma Famille et Mes Chers parents (que j’ aime beaucoup) qui se ont bien investis dans mon education qui, j'estime, est la pierre angulaire et fondamentale dans tout succes que je realise

J'aime tout le Monde et je vous aime TOUS quelques soient nos differences et nos croyances et aimons nous bien.

La Tunisie est un tres beau pays ouvert et tres accuillant et dont l'histoire est tres riche, la geographie et la nature sont tres belles avec beaucoup de verdures et de forets, un fantastique desert « Sahara », de Delicieuses « Oranges Thomson », « dattes : Deglet nour transparentes», Un Authentique « Couscous » et la Meilleure Huille d'Olives qui a depuis des années le 1er pris mondial de la qualité.  Soyez  les Bienvenus en TUNISIE : pays de l Hospitalité

Sonographers – First-time winners


Physicians – Previous Winners

Fatih Uluc (Turkey) - 16 cases solved

Fatih Uluc

I am sincerely honored to be on the list of Top Winners this year again. I earned my medical degree at Hacettepe University.   I am currently working as a radiologist in my own private clinic in Ortaca- Mugla TURKEY.

First of all, I would like to thank the master of radiology Dr. Ercan Tuncel for his great contribution to the development of clinical radiology in my country.

I would also like to thank Dr. Orhan Bukulmez who was my Obstetrics and Gynecology consultant when I was a medical student at Hacettepe University. He is my role model with his modesty and diligence.

Also special thanks to the pioneers of fetal ultrasound and echocardiography Dr. Lindsey D. Allan, Dr. Rabih Chaoui and Dr. Alfred Abuhamad.

I would also like to thank all of those who had the generosity of their time to share their cases.

And thank you so much Cerine, family and wise man Philippe Jeanty. With my best regards

Javier Cortejoso (Spain) - 16 cases solved

Javier Cortejoso

A year ago I considered that the best tribute we could pay to Philippe is to keep his website alive. Thanks to the enormous efforts of Cerine and to the generosity of the all the authors who submit the cases, continues being an important learning resource for all of us who are dedicated to prenatal diagnosis.

In addition to the many teachers I have had in Spain, I personally consider that Philippe has been one of the most important mentors I have been honoured to have. His proximity via Internet has always been continuous despite being thousands of miles away.

Ana Ferrero (Spain) - 15 cases solved

Ana Ferrero

First of all, I want to thank Cerine and all her collaborators for the great effort in keeping active. Cerine Jeanty has maintained and improved and continued to teach how to solve difficult cases and learn with each other, which is an opportunity to improve our learning in prenatal diagnosis for our daily work.  During 2021, I continue working at the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valladolid in the Prenatal Diagnosis section.

I am very happy to be on the Top Winner`s list in 2021 for one more year. Trying to get every diagnosis right is an exciting challenge.  I hope the web page continue for a long time. Thank you once again.

Umber Agarwal (United Kingdom) - 13 cases solved


I am a consultant in maternal and fetal medicine working at a large tertiary hospital in UK. I have been privileged to know Prof Jeanty through cowfetus and incredibly grateful to have learnt from him. This is that time of the year where winners list is populated and I am fortunate to have made into this list for 4th year in a row. I feel nostalgic when it comes to as it is where my real journey of learning fetal medicine started and hope it continues for ever. Prof Jeanty was an inspirational figure for thousands of doctors worldwide not only via teachings and knowledge that he imparted but also the wisdom of life that he shared. His kind and selfless nature and ability to connect with everyone makes him distinct from every other big name in the field of Obstetric Ultrasound. I will always remember him as my ‘gentle giant’.

Cem Yasar Sanhal (Turkey) - 13 cases solved

Umber Agarwal

To my dear dad which l lost in August 21, and to dear Philippe as our teacher and as one of the fathers of fetal ultrasound 

Halil Mesut (Turkey) - 12 cases solved


This is the fifth year that I have had the pleasure of being in the winners list. It is a great honor for me and I want to convey my utmost thanks to all the members of TheFetus family. I also congratulate all the winners of this year. I am always very excited to solve the weekly cases because it contributes to my knowledge a lot.

I am a radiology specialist from Ä°stanbul and I have been highly interested in fetus screening for about 17 years. I have been working in my own ultrasonography center for three years which enables me to give a higher quality service to my patients.

Andrii Averianov (Ukraine) - 11 cases solved


I was born in the east of Ukraine. My hobbies from childhood are history, philosophy, and art, but I chose medicine as my profession and received my education at Donetsk Medical University. To engage in prenatal diagnostics, I was inspired by the enthusiasm and selfless dedication of Dr. Philippe Jeanty, as well as the mentoring of Professor Arbuzova (Ukraine). Now I am working in Kyiv at the private medical center "Genom".

Mayank Chowdhury (India) - 10 cases solved


I am from western India. I am associated with since the last 17 year and it has long lasting impact on my way of practice. I started my career from Mehasana and now, at present I am working at Mayflower Women's Hospital and heading fetal medicine department.

I am very much thankful Prof S Suresh, Dr Indrani Suresh and Mediscan for this achievement.

I was born and brought up in small town Modasa. At that time, I love to go to mountains, lakes and river during my childhood. I am fond of travel, reading books, cycling, and my scan during which I constantly listen to Hindi music. Reason for this is during that I meet wonderful people across the world.

I love my family and spending time with them. I love too!!!

Pawel Swietlicki (Poland) - 10 cases solved


I would like to thank team for their hard work and keeping the idea of Prof Jeanty alive.

I am an ObGyn from Warsaw, Poland. My work is mostly focused on prenatal ultrasound that gives me a lot of satisfaction.

I am very happy to be on The Top Winner list again. I have always been in awe of the winners of TWL who have been able to solve all the ultrasound puzzles for many consecutive years. I am still learning and I hope will last forever as one of the biggest resources of free education for all the prenatal ultrasound enthusiasts

Igor Yarchuk (Ukraine) - 10 cases solved


I am 53 years old and I am a doctor of ultrasound diagnostics at the specialized medical genetic center in Odessa, Ukraine. Also, I practice echocardiography for all ages. I love my job, and I enjoy watching little people living in the bellies of their pregnant mothers.

I was born and raised in a city near the Black Sea coast, Chornomorsk. My hobbies are music, photography, and everything related to computers.

I have a wife and a daughter, whom I am proud of and love.

Omayyah Dar Odeh (Jordan) - 9 cases solved


I started working as Ob/Gyn consultant in 1993 after obtaining the Jordanian Board and higher specialization degree in Ob/Gyn from the University of Jordan (Amman, Jordan). I have been working in my own private practice in Amman for over 27 years, during which I have been to several countries to refine my clinical skills and update my knowledge by attending relevant and evidence-based courses. Recently I finished my fellowship in Maternal Fetal Medicine at Barcelona University to satisfy my passion of this amazing science.

I am married to a great husband who is an Ob/Gyn consultant as well and he always supports me to fulfill my passion of fetal ultrasonography. I have 5 children, the youngest is still in school and the oldest is a pediatrics specialist. I’ve got 3 lovely granddaughters as well!

My hobbies are reading and travelling!

I would like to thank my iconic mentor prof. Philippe Jeanty who was my great teacher and friend, I would like also to thank Dr. Cerine, Dr. Federico Badano and Dr. Fabien Ho for their support and help. Many thanks to professors in Barcelona. Thank you once again, and my greetings to my colleagues all over the world.

Natalia Butko (Russia) - 9 cases solved


I was born in Russia, in the resort town of Kislovodsk. Kislovodsk National Park is the largest urban park in Europe. I graduated from the medical institute in the city of Stavropol and worked until 2018 as the head of the medical and genetic consultation at the perinatal center in Stavropol, which was certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation and headed by Kipros Nikolaides, an expert in the prenatal screening program. She was engaged in intrauterine transfusions for hemolytic disease and invasive procedures such as chorion biopsy, amniocentesis, cordocentesis.

My husband graduated from the medical institute in Stavropol. My son graduated from Sechenov University (MSMU) in Moscow and they both work as plastic surgeons in a private center in Stavropol.

Currently I work as the head of the IVF department in a private center in Stavropol. My hobby is to study life before birth: from the egg to the first cry of a newborn.

Sonographers – Previous winners

Dianna Heidinger (USA) - 9 cases solved


I would like to make a special mention here. This is the 17th year that Dianna Heidinger has been on the top winners list! This is an amazing commitment to lifelong learning for the benefit of her patients!

In her words: “I can’t say enough about the value of  I’m amazed at how brilliant so many of the contributors are. I am an MFM sonographer from Las Vegas, NV. I grew up on a farm in South Dakota, moved to Las Vegas in 1985, and got my first MFM job in 1993.”

Claudette Schekorra (USA) - 8 cases solved