Winners of the Case of the Week for 2020 - Winner's List

This has been a challenging year. Not only has there been a once-in-a-century global pandemic, but my father passed away last November. This website and the many individuals who use it, were his passion. He left behind a dedicated community, eager to improve their knowledge about fetal ultrasound to help their patients. I hope to help carry on his legacy and the tradition of the annual Winner's List.

There were 19 Case of the Week posted this year, and 185 participants responded correctly at least once. They were from 38 different countries.  You can see from the map that website users come from all 6 major continents and 128 different countries!

Winners map 2020

I want to thank Federico, Franti, Fabien, Irina, and Chuck for their guidance, help, and encouragement. Without them, I would not have known where to start. And Congratulations to all the winners this year!

Physicians – First-time winners

Ana Ferrero (Spain) -  14 cases solved

Ana Ferrero

I studied Medicine in Valladolid, Spain. I`m a physician and I perform obstetric ultrasound. I have been working at the Hospital Clinico Universitario de Valladolid since 2016, in the Prenatal Diagnosis section. My hobbies are traveling, gardening and doing crafts with my children. I got to know thanks to  Javier Cortejoso, who made me interested in each case as if it were one of our patients.

I would like to thank Dr. Cortejoso for teaching me to be meticulous with each malformation, establishing the differential diagnosis and explaining to the patients with clarity and affection the problem that their baby has. He is a benchmark in prenatal diagnosis and I am proud to have learned with him.

I`m happy to be on the list of winners of 2020. is a source of knowledge for all of us who perform obstetric ultrasound and I appreciate that the page continues to work. Thank you very much for the effort to update

Aleksandr Ilkov (Russia) - 14 cases solved

Aleksandr Ilkov crop

I live in city of Stavropol, south Russia and  work in the Regional diagnostic center.  I am working on OB/Gyn, Abdomen, Breast, and Vascular ultrasound. I am very happy to hear that I am among the Top winners of the "Case of the week 2020" . It is a great honor to be here and have opportunity to learn so much finding answers to complex diagnostic cases. Besides, my favorite hobbies  are reading and bicycle tours.

Inanc Mendilcioglu (Turkey) - 12 cases solved

Inanc Mendilcioglu cropped

I  went to medical school in Izmir and now practice  as a professor in perinatology unit in Akdeniz University, Antalya. I am always thankful  to my wife Ozgul and my daughters Irem and Ozge for their support in my academic endeavor. Hobbies I enjoy are skiing, traveling and animals. I am deeply saddened by the loss of Dr. Philippe Jeanty who was a pioneer and  educational legend in obstetrical ultrasound. He did an inspirational work by sharing knowledge and experience with the world via Many thanks to Cerine, Fede, Fabien and Franti  to carry on  Philippe’s legacy and keep active. I would also like to the thank Professor Atil Yuksel for his great contribution to obstetrical ultrasound in Turkey.

Lara Gazarova (Ukraine) - 11 cases solved

Lara Gazarova crop

I am Lara Gazarova from Ukraine. I live in Kryvyi Ryh, Dnepropetrovsk oblast.  I have a son, who has studied in WZSP in Poland. He is a future producer.  I work at Interregional Center of Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnostics, named after P.N. Veropotvelyan, and private clinic called Super Mother. I like classical music, opera and ballet. My hobby is floristics.

Igor Shults (Russia) - 10 cases solved

Igor Shults crop

First of all I would like to say some warm words about Philippe Jeanty. He was a great man. And I consider him one of my teachers. I knew about in 2008. After that I attended conferences in Donetsk (Ukraine) and Moscow (Russia) where Philippe conducted master classes of heart diseases. It was very interesting and amazing. And his “good idea but not correct” made me pay more attention and learn a lot of new things…

And about myself. I am 63. I live in Korolev near Moscow and work at a private medical center. I perform general and obstetrics ultrasound examinations. I am married and have a son and two grandsons. I like to travel with my wife and my friends, to listen to music and of course to play with my little grandsons watching how they learn to walk and talk.

Pawel Swietlicki (Poland) - 9 cases solved

Pawel Swietlicki

I have been working as an obstetrician since 1996. I was born and completed my higher academic education in Lublin, Poland. 23 years ago I moved to Warsaw, where I worked in the city hospital. After leaving my duties at the hospital I focused my time primarily in ultrasonographic work.

I am a father of four wonderful daughters. My time spent outside of medicine is dedicated to my family and learning to play guitar.

I would like to graciously thank everyone that has put their share of hard work into creating this website, aiming to expand the minds of so many that are passionate about ultrasonography.

Khalida Hasanova (Azerbaijan) - 9 cases solved

Fatih Uluc (Turkey) - 9 cases solved

Fatih Uluc

I am sincerely honored to be on the list of Top Winners this year. I graduated from Hacettepe University.  I am currently working as a radiologist in my own private clinic in Ortaca- Mugla TURKEY. I have a son (age 15) and a daughter (age 9).

I would like to thank to Ilyas Uluc, my hero, who was a radiology technician and my dear grandfather, introduced me to medicine and radiology. Also special thanks to Dr. Jeanty, the great man who taught people how to interpret what they see.

Love and knowledge, only two things that grow when shared… What he did throughout his life. Thank you so much Philippe...

Silvio Tartaglia (Italy) - 8 cases solved

Silvio Tartaglia crop

I was born and raised in  Battipaglia, a small town in South Italy. When I grew up, the “modern” Ancient Rome adopted me. In this wonderful city I moved my first steps in the labor room, falling in love with prenatal medicine. Then I met Livia, a wonderful and powerful embryologist, who gave me the most unbelievable gift a couple of months ago, my son Remo (you can see him in the photo). Together, we are discovering our new life routine: labor ward-diapers-ultrasound-lullabies, during these tough times, wondering about our next travel around the world. Yes, travelling is my passion;  congresses and courses are always the best opportunities to visit a new Country.

Now I’m a ObGyn and a PhD student here in Rome, at University Tor Vergata. Luckily, on my path I can count on valid guides: Professor Arduini D., Professor Rizzo G. and Massimo M. Salvatori, who took me by the hand in the extraordinary world of ultrasound.

When I discovered, quickly Philippe became my “Master” as I liked to call him in the many mails we shared, always ready to give me tips and encouragement. This goal is for him. I made it! Thank you Master!  Thank you Cerine and to all the Team!

Charles Sargouname (India) - 7 cases solved

Charles Sargouname

I am from Pondicherry, India. I am  a consultant radiologist at Pondicherry.

My hobbies are music, reading books, gardening, traveling and watching world movies.

I have learned a lot from  Professor Philippe Jeanty’s lectures and case presentations in the case of the week by renowned radiologists and fetal medicine experts from all over the world.

I would also like to thank Professor Moshe Bronshtein, Professor Rabih Chaoui, Professor Yaron  Zalel  and Professor Alfred Abuhamad for their invaluable contribution to fetal medicine. Kindly continue the good work started by Professor Philippe Jeanty.

Sonographers - First-time Winners

Physicians – Previous winners

Javier Cortejoso (Spain) - 16 cases solved

Javier Cortejoso

Truly, this year 2020 has been a bad year for many reasons. Globally, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic with the suffering that it entails is marking our lives. Also on a global level, the many followers of have lost an important reference, Philippe, although his important legacy and his teachings, his enormous generosity, his joie de vivre, his sense of humor, his hospitality, will always remain with whom in one way or another we have known him. That the renewed page continues for a long time will be the best tribute we can make to him.

On a personal level, I have stopped most of my clinical activity (hospital, university) although I continue to do it in a private clinic. This and the much teaching activity that exists via the internet ( between others) allow me to continue active filling part of my time with one of my favorite hobbies, ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis. For this reason, being one more year on the winner’s list of the case of the week fills me with satisfaction.

Umber Agarwal (United Kingdom) - 14 cases solved

Umber Agarwal

I am a consultant in Maternal and Fetal Medicine at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital in the UK. I have been working here for last 13 years. I am indebted to late Prof. Jeanty for all his teachings and what he did during his illustrious career to further the knowledge of fetal ultrasound worldwide.

He will forever be in our hearts and continue to inspire generations to come. This is 3rd year in row, I could make it to the winner’s list and credit for this only goes to Philippe. Without him, I would not be what I am today. I hope to contribute towards the new website and work along with colleagues to make this one of the best fetal medicine resources in the world.

Viktoria Ezhova (Russia) - 14 cases solved

Viktoria Ezhova

I live in a beautiful and cozy town Stavropol. It is located in the south part of Russia. I work at the Regional Diagnostic Center. I have been doing prenatal diagnostics for 20 years. Prenatal diagnostic is really my sphere and I improve my knowledge every year.

As for my hobbies, I like painting and I am a keen traveler. Also, I like small dogs.

Philippe Jeanty was one of my first teachers. His lectures inspired me to move forward, to be better and grow in my professional sphere. Thank you, Philippe, for The – a site that gives opportunities to immerse in a complex diagnostic search. Even if I am too tired after the work day, it brings me energy to think, read, analyze and find the right answer.

Olga Ivanitskaya (Russia) - 14 cases solved

Omayyah Dar Odeh (Jordan) - 13 cases solved

Omayyah Dar Odeh

I started working as ObGyn consultant in 1993 after obtaining the Jordanian Board and higher specialization degree in ObGyn from the University of Jordan (Amman, Jordan). I have been working in my own private practice in Amman for over 27 years, during which I have been to several countries to refine my clinical skills and update my knowledge by attending relevant and evidence-based courses. Recently I finished my fellowship in Maternal Fetal Medicine at Barcelona University to satisfy my passion of this amazing science .

I am married to a great husband who is an ObGyn consultant as well and he always supports me to fulfill my passion of fetal ultrasonography. I have 5 children, the youngest is still in school and the oldest is a pediatrics specialist. I’ve got 3 lovely granddaughters as well!

My hobbies are reading and travelling!

I would like to thank my iconic mentor prof Philippe Jeanty who was my great teacher and friend, I would like also to thank Dr. Federico Badano for his  support and help. Many thanks to professors at Barcelona : E. Gratacos, F. Figueras , J. Martínez ,….

Thank you once again and my greetings to my colleagues all over the world.

Eleonora Saibova  (Azerbaijan) - 13 cases solved

Eleonora Saibova crop

I express my deep gratitude to the organizers of the Fetus. net project and everybody who contributed. I want to take an opportunity rest in peace for the lovely and valuable Philippe Jeanty!!

Petra Turnova (Slovakia) - 13 cases solved

Petra Turnova crop

About me… My biggest hobbies are my family, especially my two daughters (who are my greatest adventure), my friends, poetry, walks in nature, and chocolate. I work in a private clinic in Slovakia.

I am very thankful for the people I meet on my professional and life journey. I am especially grateful to my teacher Professor Dankovcik and, last but not least, to and Philippe, thanks to whom I was given the opportunity to better understand the miraculous but complex world of fetuses.

Igor Yarchuk (Ukraine) - 13 cases solved

Igor Yarchuk crop

I am 52 years old, I am a doctor of ultrasound diagnostics at the

specialized medical genetic center in Odessa, Ukraine. I practice

echocardiography for all ages. I love my job, and I enjoy watching little people living in the bellies of their pregnant mothers.

I was born and raised in a city near the Black Sea coast - Chornomorsk. My hobbies are music, photography, computers, and billiards. I have a wife and a daughter, whom I am proud of and love.

Cem Yasar Sanhal (Turkey) - 13 cases solved

Cem Yasar Sanhal crop

I should mention that Philippe Jeanty contributed very much enthusiasm to not only my life but also to lots of doctors in Turkey, as through the world. We are very lucky to have met him and had the chance to experience his guidance. Rest in peace our teacher and mentor. With all my regards…


Sonographers – Previous winners

Amy Zdansky (USA) - 11 cases solved

Amy Zdansky

I am originally from Illinois, but the warm weather won me over and I am currently working in sunny Texas. My interest and hobbies include homesteading, farming, gardening, animals, art, and antiques. I would like to thank for all the knowledge and education they have shared. I would like to thank Philippe Jeanty for the unique and kindhearted teachings he always expressed to me.

Dianna Heidinger (USA) - 10 cases solved

Dianna Heidinger crop

I am an MFM sonographer from Las Vegas, NV.  I was raised on a farm in South Dakota where we had horses to ride, and wide open spaces to explore.  Instead of a farm, my husband and I have lots of pets (parrot, ferret, 2 dogs, and a Chinese water dragon).  We started hiking during the COVID pandemic, and there are many beautiful places to do so around Las Vegas.  Dr. Philippe Jeanty is the mentor I would like to thank.  His fetal anomaly course,, the COW, the fetal echo course in Tennessee, and all of his selfless contributions to the art of prenatal diagnosis helped me become a better sonographer.  I was happy to hear that he was able to visit my home state to photograph bison in 2019.

Padmanaban Koochu Govindaraju (India) - 5 cases solved

Padmanaban Koochu Govindaraju crop

My name is Padmanaban and I was born in Thanjavur, India. I did my ultrasound training from Precision Diagnostics (A Medall Company) and moved to London a few years ago. I now work for National Health Service England. I’m always grateful to Mr Raju Venkatraman and all the Radiologists who taught me ultrasound.

I have started gardening recently and last year there was a good yield of vegetables in my garden.  I’m visiting my parents in India this year after a longtime and I'm very excited about it!

Claudette Schekorra (USA) - 5 cases solved