Winners of the Case of the Week for 2018 - Winners' list

This is the 20th year that we are posting the list of winners. Overall 320 participants found at least one correct answer for our cases of the week this year. Many more people just looked and tried to solve our cases from time to time. Here are all the users from this past year, and remarkably we have had more visitors from Africa.

¬†Karimova lives in Baku, Azerbaijan, has¬†37-year-old and a beautiful daughter.¬†She is working at the Caspian International Hospital.√ā¬®I'm very thankful to my teacher Azer Farajov, whom I appreciate and respect .My favorite thing to do, is to spend time with my colleagues-friends, radiologists, who are also interested in fetal medicine.√ā¬®Congratulations!!!!!!Murat Kaya18 solved cases, Turkey
Murat Kaya

¬†Murat is a 33-year-old radiologist from Turkey.He has been working in prenatal diagnosis the last years.He is married and has a sweet daughter.√ā¬®I like detailed examination of different fetal pathologies, especially¬† of the heart√ā¬®He wants to thank to TheFetus team and Dr. Philippe Jeanty for his work.Congratulations!!!!Snezhana Buryakova17 solved cases, Russia
Snezhana B

Snezhana works as a doctor in the Center for Fetus Medicine in Moscow, under the guidance of Rosa Bataeva.She wants to thank to her first teacher, Mikhail Medvedev and also to TheFetus for our work and attitude!!
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Emine Demirel17 solved cases, Turkey 
Emine Demirel

Emine works as a perinatologist fellow in Izmir Katip Celebi University, Turkey. Currently she is working as a perinatology specialist in Denizli.She wants to thanks to Prof. Dr Sefa Kelekci, who introduced her to TheFetus family, and who's been a great prime mentor and a very skillful teacher in this field. Also, She would like to Dr. Philippe Jeanty for his great contributions.Congratulations!!!!Irina Glazkova16 solved cases, Ukraine 

Irina G

Irina has been¬†working as ultrasound physician for about 20 years and has spent all her life in Donetsk. Despite the fact that in her region a military conflict has been going on for 4 years, life goes on too. People who live there continue to create families and children are born. So they need medical care, sometimes more than ever. Thus some of the doctors, as herself, continue to work.¬†√ā¬®It is our homeland and our duty as if pathetic it sounded.¬†I would like to wish everyone not to forget about the value of human life and peace. Enjoy your everyday life!√ā¬®Congratulations!!!!Yulia Vishnevskaya15 solved cases, Russia¬†

Yulia V

Yulia lives in Vladimir, Russia and works in city hospital, focusing on prenatal diagnosis. Her first teacher was Michael Medvedev.¬†She is married and has 3 children.¬†√ā¬®I am fond of reading and walking outdoors. I am very glad that you have chosen me as a winner.√ā¬®Congratulations!!!!Umber Agarwal15 solved cases, United Kingdom¬†

Umber Agarwal
Umber is 43-year-old and he is working in the United Kingdom.√ā¬®I qualified as RCOG accredited subspecialist in MFM in 2011 and have been a consultant since 2012 at Liverpool Women's Hospital, UK the single largest standalone maternity unit in UK and Europe. The unit is known nationally and internationally for its academic and clinical profile. I enjoy working with a very small team of extremely dedicated professionals who do their utmost best supporting women and their families in hardest of times.√ā¬®He has a 7-year-old daughter who is full of life and creativity.¬†√ā¬®As family we enjoy seaside and mountain holidays, fun days out, theme parks, creative workshops, visiting museums and places of historic interest√ā¬®.His professional hobby is........ having a go at COW!Congratulations!!!!¬†Natalia Butko14 solved cases, Russia¬†Congratulations!!!!


Top first time winners - sonographers

Claudette Schekorra
9 solved cases, USA



Claudette S

Claudette has been a sonographer since 1992 and has worked in a MFM private practice for the last 16 years.She is a widowed mother of three¬†beautiful kids, Sara, Jack and Devin.¬†√ā¬®For me, sonography is detective work. Always interesting to investigate those few clues we are given and, hopefully, come up with the right answer.√ā¬®¬†She loves to travel and she is waiting for her retire to go out to explore the world!!! First stop: Great Britain!!!!Congratulations!!!!Keith Willan9 solved cases, USA

Keith W

Keith has been working as¬† advanced practice sonographer at the Medical University of South Carolina in the discipline of MFM for the last 20 years. Prenatal diagnosis and fetal echocardiography are his professional passion as well as training sonographers, fellows, and patients education.¬†√ā¬®Travel, food and golf are my personal interests that I enjoy with my wife of over 28 years.√ā¬®¬†Congratulations!!!!Paulette Varns8 solved cases, USA


¬†Padmanaban¬†did his ultrasound training in Precision Diagnostics (A Medall Company). He completed his training in 2012, then moved to UK in 2014. He is currently working in Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals NHS Trust in London. His goal for the next year is to start his training in Paediatric hips and MSK. His parents live in India and they are coming to London next year to visit him. √ā¬®I always find that the, especially the as one of the best places to learn/revise ultrasound. Thank you very much to you guys!√ā¬®¬†Congratulations!!!!¬†

Koroush is a long time winner. As a truly obsessive examiner he does very careful exam and spend all his time studying (or dreaming about race horses, his second passion!). Koroush has also contributed a lot to community. On the side, Koroush kindly gave me some Iranian saffron (the very best!!) and for special occasions we do paella (with apple juice :) with it: Yummy

20181222_193610 (Small)

My deep gratitude towards my great teachers , Phillippe and Moshe, for all things : kindness,humanity, knowledge and experience.

I really learned a lot from great guys in the

Congratulations and thanks for your friendship!!!!

Halil Mesut23 solved cases, Turkey

√ā¬®This is the third year in a row in which I have had the pleasure and the gratitude of being in the winner¬īs list. More importantly is my getting acquainted with TheFetus family, because we have had the chance to learn a great deal from the valuable tutors and the contributors in TheFetus, which has become a part of my lifre and it has made my life colorful and joyful√ā¬®.¬†Congratulations!!!!¬†Lala Huseynova23 solved cases, Azerbaijan


Lala is a radiologist especially interested in fetal ultrasound. Her son is going to study English in the USA.√ā¬®Thanks to this site I have found many friends from all over the world. I want to sincerely thanks Dr. Jeanty and Fede and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!√ā¬®Congratulations!!!!Olga N. Ivanitskaya22 solved cases, Russia
Olga I

Olga is among the winners one more time! She also bake very good cookies,¬†She also has spend lots of time correcting and improving Philippe's CNS lecture !She wrote¬†¬†√ā¬®this year I had the happy opportunity to meet with professor Jeanty and communicate closer with doctor Badano and it was really wonderfull! Before our meeting I had no idea that your team is SO amazing! You inspire so much with your desire to teach and share your knowledge, to be open for everything new. Despite the tight schedule, you always find time and energy for new projects. Keep up as marvelous!√ā¬®

Congratulations and thank you!!!!

Javier Cortejoso22 solved cases, Spain
Javier Cortejoso

 Nickolay is the director of the "Multiregional Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnostics Center named after P.N.Veropotvelyan",He is Doctor of Medical Sciences,Honored Doctor of Ukraine.Prenatal and Interventional fetal ultrasound is his favorite work and hobby since 1984. He is interested in genetics,reproductive, maternal & fetal medicine also. He is a popular speaker too.He is married and has two lovely sons: elder one is IT-engineer and younger is a schoolboy; his wife is a hairdresser stylist. His hobbies are driving,sniping and reading.Congratulations!!!!

Lusine Karapetyan20 solved cases, Russia


√ā¬®I work in a private clinic in the city of Stavropol, Russia.For 15 years I have been working in ultrasound diagnostics in obstetrics and gynecology. I am very glad to be on the top.My feelings can be expressed in some words from the song by Vladimir Vysotsky:Still eager is heart the mountain's top to get!Now, you can enjoy the world at your feet, Still you will envy a little bit Them who still have the mountain peak ahead!Congratulations!!!!Elnara Bagirova20 solved cases, Azerbaijan

Elnare Bagirova

 Elnara is from Azerbaijan. Now she works at Lankoran Medican Hospital (private clinic). She loves fetal ultrasound and enjoys the COW very much! Congratulations!!!!Elnara Sardarova20 solved cases, Azerbaijan


¬†√ā¬®I have been working as an ultrasound specialist more than 10 years. My mentor and teacher is Azer Ferecov. I enjoy doing my job, especially examining fetuses. In the future I want to study and learn much more essential things about this kind of diagnostic medicine√ā¬®¬†Congratulations!!!!