Winners of the Case of the Week for 2015 - Winners' list

Winners of the case of the week for 2015 - Winners' list
This is the 17th year that we are posting the list of winners. Overall 376 participants found at least one correct answer for our cases of the week this year. Many more people just looked and tried to solve our cases from time to time. Congratulations to all successful solvers! I would also like to thank all of those who had the generosity of their time to share their cases; would not be able to continue without those. 
Particular thanks, as always goes to Moshe Bronshtein and Fabrice Cuillier, and all those who send us their difficult cases used as cases of the week. 
We thank to all our solvers for their answers and their brilliant deductions. 
P.S. In case we forgot to include your winning entry, please do remind us (send the E-mail). You will not offend us at all!

Philippe, Franti & Federico


Top first time winners - physicians

Dmitry Abelov 

26 solved cases, Russia






  Sameh is 29 years old, graduated from faculty of medicine Cairo University at May 2010, and completed his 3 years residency training in diagnostic and interventional radiology at Kasr Al Ainy hospitals in 2014 with great interest in fetal echo. He has performed hundreds of studies cases with his brother Dr. Islam Badr.