Winners of the Case of the Week for 2008 - Winners' list

2008-12-20-12 Winners of the case of the week for 2008 © Jeanty

Congratulations to the winners of the case of the week, 2008!


This is the 10th annual award of the Winners of the case of the week. An amazing 520 participants found at least one correct answer from a pool of several hundred people who just looked and tried from time to time. The chart below demonstrates the evolution of the number of respondents:



Francois Manson,
Fecamp, France

Francois Manson

Francois is a wonderful person with a sense for detail. He sent us several interesting cases and his case of the week number 229 was praised to be the best documented case of the week for the year 2008. Many thanks. Fabrice Cuillier, ReunionIsland



Special thank belongs to Fabrice Cuillier. This clever friend has a huge collection of anomalies and he constantly supports us with his interesting cases. He also finds a time to solve cases of other authors: his 17 solved cases classify him to be among the top solvers. Many thanks and congratulations!


Top first time winners - physicians

Ilone de Bruijn,

23 solved cases


Ilone has been working at the Ob/Gyn ultrasound section of the Eindhoven Diagnostic Centre for two years. Before these years she worked as physician in infant health care (public health), later as physician at the department of pathology (hospital Utrecht), and finally the department of gynecology. In spite of these multiple career she is only 38! She says: “I love my work, my garden, birds, travelling and last but not least my husband and my 2 sons of 4 and 8 years old. I am the handyman in the house and fortunately my husband (who is urologist) loves the cooking. Sometimes it"s a pity a day has only 24 hours...” Melek Avci, Turkey



23 solved cases

Melek also has steadily improved her results during the past 2 years, and this year she made it to the top. This in spite of getting married this year (Congratulations!). Melek is also a Radiologist! Yeah! I though no one was still doing Ob-Gyn as a Radiologist! Melek adores her niece with whom she practices her maternal skills. She likes walking in nature and along the sea, reading book (philosophy), going to movies and listening to music and especially sound-tracks. She likes to travel and prefers natural and interesting historical place and especially like silence. Irina Glazkova, Ukraine


22 solved cases

Irina is a shy person that always underestimates her qualities, but as the results shows she is very knowledgeable and a very hard worker. She works in the excellent Genetic center of Donetsk. A soft-spoken person she is also a great guide to her city. She lives with her big family (two sons, husband and mother-in-low). She says: “I am fond of my job but as it occupies a lot of time, all free time I spend exclusively with the family. And a little bit on” She would love to visit the US if the opportunity arises. Andres Arencibia Molina Spain 22 solved cases

Andres works as a ob/gyn physician in Gran Canaria (Spain). His wife is a teacher and they have a daughter and a son. Andres likes cooking for his family during weekends (“enyesque”, “queso de Guia”, “caldo pescao con gofio escaldao”, “sancocho de cherne con mojo picón”…) and he even thought about opening a restaurant. He finds relaxation in growing of potatoes and maize, and in Sunday"s walking in the country watching the beautiful scenery of the Canary Islands. Of course he finds time to solve our cases and this year he managed to send us 22 correct answers. Congratulations! Natalya Miheeva, Belarus 22 solved cases


Natalya is in charge of the prenatal diagnosis center of the Maternity Hospital in Minsk. Natalya is only shy when trying to speak English, but in Russian she is a very funny and a great conversationalist. A very knowledgeable physician she has other great skill: don’t try bowling against her! She also draws, skates, and collects Teddy Bear (fan club: feel free to send her a Teddy Bear from your country!). She is a sweet mom to her teenage son. Natalya is eagerly learning English and her emails reflect her dramatic progresses.   Ebubekir Unlu, Turkey 21 solved cases


Ebubekir is always one of the first to send his tentative answers. He starts with a good description of the findings and then discusses his first diagnosis. Then readjust his suggestion in case he missed. A very positive mind he always has a nice thing to say and I love to learn about little events in his life or his beaming about his son through little sentences interspersed in his emails. Eduardo Turcios, El Salvador 19 solved cases


Eduardo works in the Primero de Mayo Maternity hospital in El Salvador. He likes hiking in mountains and walks with his dog Justin. This year he sent us 19 correct answers (Justin is very proud of him:-)). Congratulations Eduardo! Juan Enrique Van Der Velde, Argentina 19 solved cases   Eti Zetounie, Israel 19 solved cases


Eti is working at the Gola Meir hospital in Kfar Saba, Israel at the Ob-Gyn ultrasound department, a work he enjoys very much and finds very fulfilling. He has one kid, and enjoys reading, computer games and sports. Andrew Averianov, Ukraine 17 solved cases


Andrew is also a quiet and delightful correspondent. His emails are always so gentle and polite I feel terrible when I have to respond: “Good idea but not correctL” which fortunately does not happen often. Like Irina (above) he works in Donetsk in the team of the excellent professor Svetlana Arbusova. Outside of work he loves to be with his lovely wife and daughter and enjoys classical music. Victor Armando Pinto Baron, Colombia 17 solved cases Victor is one of the heroes this year. He started answering cases last year and had 2 correct answers. This year he worked very hard and got among the top winners! Congratulations to him! Victor is an Ob-Gyn who recently finished his training in Maternal Fetal Medicine. He works near to Bogota, Colombia. He says: “My hobby is surfing in internet for search all information about Fetal Medicine, Sonography, Perinatology, High Risk Pregnancy, Prenatal Diagnosis etc. My second hobby is watch sci-fi movies”. He has 2 daughters who criticize his dedication for the case of the week. Faryal Ayub Khan, Saudi Arabia 17 solved cases I do not know much about Faryal. Probably very timid! She is a Canadian working in Saudi Arabia. She waits a few days after reviewing the case then sends her 3 answers in one email, then quit until the next case! Aasia Qurban, Pakistan 17 solved cases


The first email I got from Aasia when, long ago, she solved her first case, was: “Wow I will show this to my dad”. Her Dad had been worried about Aasia branching of to a private clinic. Well, today, Aasia you can show your dad that you are doing VERY well. Aasia (her dad is a diplomat who obviously likes to represent Asia) is married to a radiologist and I met them both 2 years ago in India. Aasia has sent us 17 correct answers this year. Congratulations! Antonio J. Briseno Sainz, Mexico 17 solved cases


Antonio is a gynecologist specialized in perinatology. He has been working for 21 years, doing ultrasound studies and Prenatal Diagnosis. He opened a practice center: Sonofetal ( He works with wife, Patricia (a neonatologist). They have one son and a (lovely) daughter, Antonio Gabriel and Adriana. Antonio is studying medicine and Adriana architecture. Antonio is also a cyclist and he enjoy reading and listening to music when he is not answering cases. He also likes cooking and I would like to open a small restaurant some day (I have the same fantasy but not the energy and since there is already a Philippe Jeanty as a cook I can vicariously do it through him). Radu Sendroiu, Romania 17 solved cases


Radu is 34 years old, married, with 2 kids. He is also a quite responder with little information perspiring about him. He used to go trekking and playing basketball but now spends more time with his family. He enjoys solving the cases. Kostas Tassis, Greece 17 solved cases

Kostas is 51 years old. He works at Laso Maternity Hospital, Fetal Medicine Department, Athens, Greece. Kostas has been steadily improving his scores over the years! He has two boys, 23 and 14 years old.


Top first time winners - sonographers

Yvonne Zuidema,


22 solved cases


Yvonne is one of the chatty responders. She has no problems expressing her frustrations when she can’t find the answer to the case ... and her happiness when she gets it correct. Actually her kids say that she is totally addicted to An addiction we totally endorseJ. Her family includes three cats a dog and 6 chickens (plus a 20-year old daughter, and a 19-year old son). Although she lives near Eindhoven, she wishes to move to Spain (so all of you Spaniards that need an excellent sonographer, please contact me!). Patricia Morgan, USA 10 solved cases Patricia is a perinatal sonographer currently employed at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, and she also works part time at an office associated with Columbia University in New York.  She has been a sonographer for about 26 years, but has been doing ob/gyn for the last 22 years. She lives with her husband, Mike, in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Although she has known our website a few years, she started to solve our cases only this year and managed to find 10 correct answers. Congratulations! Laila Donkers, Netherlands 7 solved cases   Virlene C. Guzman, USA 7 solved cases


Virlene has been a sonographer for over 16 years. She works as a Supervisor for Baylor OB/GYN Maternal Fetal Medicine ultrasound department. Her job and her four children (all boys, ages 19, 15, 4, and 2) keep her very busy, so it is amazing that she found a time for our cases and has sent us 7 correct answer this year. Congratulations! Lisa M. Allen, USA 6 solved cases

Lisa lives in Syracuse, New York where she is the Ultrasound Coordinator for the RegionalPerinatalCenter (she has been working there for over sixteen years!).  She is currently on maternity leave with her third child. She has two boys, and a daughter. Peter Coombs, Australia 6 solved cases


Peter is sonographer in Charge at Southern Health Melbourne and a Senior Lecturer in Ultrasound at MonashUniversity. He does not only ob-gyn ultrasound but the rest also and has even scanned in Papua and New Guinea! Karin van Lieshout, Netherlands