Winners of the Case of the Week for 2005

Congratulations to the

Winners of the Case of the Week, 2005

This is the 7th annual award of the Winners of the case of the week. 177 participants won at least one case from a pool of about 800-1000 who look and try from time to time.

I am deeply indebted to all those who submitted the Cases of the Week and in particular to Dr. Fabrice Cuillier who, with his team, submitted an incredible 5 cases.

As always, it is so rewarding to see all those bright minds, and interacting with so many smart and dedicated people from all around the world.


Physicians (out of a possible 23 cases)

 Frantisek Grochal  (19)
 First place


Frantisek got a remarkable 19 out of 22 cases this year√Ę‚ā¨¬¶ What an achievement! Frantisek works in a Ob-Gyn dept. (5-600 deliveries/year) in Ruzomberok in Slovakia. His wife is a nurse and they have an 8-year-old daughter. Frantisek has dedicated many hours solving the cases and his kind answers are always a pleasure to read. He is preparing a LARGE manuscript for his accreditation and that may be the first ever text in Slovak on the site. Franti is also a wonderful humanist with a great heart and I treasure sharing his friendship. ¬†Francois Manson (18)¬†Second place


Francois answered 18 of the cases√Ę‚ā¨¬¶ in a tense contest for the first spot, and he really did a lot of work too. So much actually that his 6 year old daughter has to peel him off the computer after asking him if "he already found the riddle of his American friend√Ę‚ā¨. Francois was the last person on earth not to have a digital camera, a failure he kindly corrected when he had to send his picture (taken by his daughter). His emails are also full of humor and a great pleasure to read. Close to the end of the year he sent the following email: some persons surfing on the are sending viruses which destroy completely your hard disk and computer systemso until december 9, DO NOT OPEN messages from the following persons.* R DANKOVCIK* F GROCHAL¬†* C FASCHINBAUER¬†* I VEISZENBACHERREMEMBER DO NOT OPEN :-)))) ¬†Robert Dankovcik (16)¬†Third place


Robert has participated to the cases for the past 2 years, but this year, although prenatal diagnosis only represent a small amount of his work week, he put a lot of time and efforts in his answer and got a wonderful 16 of them. Robert is a meticulous man with few words√Ę‚ā¨¬¶ his answers have to be among the shortest I get√Ę‚ā¨¬¶ but clearly they are quite successful ! He tried to decline the award saying that he used team work, but his team really does not disqualify him, or if they do, I want to hire them . His wife is a pediatric endocrinologist. He is also the only one who works in a large city ! ¬†Gurcan Erbay (12)¬†¬†Third place


Gurcan comes from a small town in Turkey and works in an Ob-Gyn hospital although.. he is.. a radiologist !! Aside from ultrasound he likes music and movies and takes care of his 2 kids.  Joan Acosta Diez (9)  Fourth place


Joan also works in a tiny city (a recurrent theme in this year's winner's group). He only graduated 2 years ago and aside from music movies and more classical hobbies he share another interest with me: wild mushrooming ! He says it is "a little like sonographic diagnosis, looking for rare species at the forest. His wife is a veterinarian and his 4 year old son a future "Pirate of the Caribbean -  Melek Avcy (9)  Fourth place

Melek is another who just sends good answer but is otherwise a very quite person.

Sonographers (out of a possible 23 cases)

Emmy van Houten (5)
First place

Emmy has been a midwife for 22 years working for many years in an academic hospital in Amsterdam. Then she started to be a sonographer about 18 years ago. Amazingly, with all her talents, she only works as a sonographer 2 days a week. She is married and has 3 children (who are very proud to see their mother on the internet and being a winner!) Pragna Patel (4)Second place Pragna has answered 4 of the cases. Brom from an Indian family living in Africa she studied in India and moved to the USA after college. She has been a sonographer for the past 18 years


Among the past winners, Christa Fashingbauer (20 correct answers) Ildiko Veiszenbacher (17) and Fabienne Bigi (17) deserve all my appreciation for their tenacity in doing the COW and their incredible talents.


I also wanted to thank Dr. Chaitali Shah who has worked tirelessly over the past 18 months posting cases on and on Sonoworld. When I started the site I had no idea it would grow so much and be so time consuming. Without Chaitali's energy and dedication the back log of case to post would have been unmanageable. Chaitali is in the last stage of passing a very hard exam (Dec 12) so do not send her "Thank you√Ę‚ā¨ emails before that, but she really deserve all our appreciation.



The new associate is Dr. Juliana Leite. Juliana applied to the fellowship position the last day of the application, got the top spot and started to work in October this year. Her intelligence, brilliant mind and happy personality have conquered everyone around. An independent worker she wants to find out how to do things by herself and she has vastly improved the time to post the cases.



Name Solved case number: Country
Joan Acosta 139,147,149,150,151,152,153,155,156 Spain
J L Alessandri 144,150 Reunion Island
Elena Andreeva 139,144,147,150,151,152,153,155 Russia
Vladimir Antic 139 Serbia
Melek Avc√ɬŠ135,136,139,141,143,144,146,147,148
Scott Barrileaux 137 USA
Heidi Beaver 134 USA
Dave Berck 145 USA
Mahmad Seedick Beebeejaun 152 USA
Antonio Carlos Beduschi 137 Brazil
 J Bideault 144 Reunion Island
Leslie Bowden 154 USA
Hélio Camargo 137 Brazil
Cristi√°n Campos 143 Chile
Xavier Compagnion 144,149,153 France
Nico Comparato 137,139, 147,152,154 Italy
Peter Conner 155 Sweden
Nirvikar Dahiya 143 India
Robert Dankovcik  134,135,136,137,139,143,144,145,146,
Slovak Republic
Jodi S. Dashe 135,137,147,149,151,152,155,156 USA
Kaloudis Dimosthenis

139,147 Italy
Lech Dudarewicz 144 Poland
Monica Echevarria 144,145 Spain
T Elad 153 Reunion Island
Gurcan Erbay 134,135,136,139,141,143,145,147,150
Marcos M L Faria 147 Brazil
Rita Fernandes 138 Brazil
Adi Friedman 153 Israel
David Freddy 156 Israel
P Fossati 153 Reunion Island
Julio Cesar Soto Galindo 156 Mexico
Roberto Noya Galluzzo 143 Brazil
Yinon Gilboa  135,150 Israel
Ferrari Giudiceandrea 156 Italy
Luis Goncalves 143,145 USA
Malarvishy Gopal 151,155 Singapore
Anthony Gregg 152 USA
Franti√Ö¬°ek Grochal 134,135,137,138,139,140,141,143,144,
Slovak Republic
Sava Rant Hanfer 151 Slovenia
Agustin Hernandez 147 Spain
Alberto Hernandez 143,147,149 Mexico
Amy Horn 147,152,153 USA
Charles Tsung-Che Hsieh 155 Taiwan
Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez Huerta 135,154 Mexico
Tudor Iacovache 149,152,154,156 Roumania
Juan Ignacio 147,155 Spain
Dimosthenis Kaloudis 147 Italy
Hans Keunen 137,152 Canada
Zvi Kivilevich 137 Israel
Effie Kontopoulos 135 USA
Maria Kossakiewicz 147,149,150,151,152,153,155 Germany
Rodolpho Lambrushini 140 Argentina
P Lemaire 150 Reunion Island
Young Mi Lee 147,149,151,153 USA
Zvi Leibovitz  134,136 Israel
Jan Leslie 147 UK
Sobhi Abou-Louz 136 Egypt
José M Ramos Maeso 141 Spain
Malika Mahious 151 Algier
Nerea Maiz 144,145,146,147,151,152,155 Spain
Paulo Malkones 147 Brazil
S Manohar 135, 151 India
Francois Manson 134,135,136,137,139,140,141,142,144,
Ghada Mansour 136,139,151 Egypt
Andres Martinez 134,135,145,147 Spain
Marcelo Martinez 153 Argentina
Gui Mazzoni 147 Brazil
Mikhail Medvedev 137,151 Russia
João Mendes 135,137,141, 155 Portugal
Jean Luc Michel 142 France
Nataliya Miheeva 137,147,149,151,155 Belarus
Ana Monteagudo 154 USA
Faris Mujezinovic 156 Slovenia
Ana Mu√Īoz 139,151,152,155,156 Spain
Julio Navarro 150,151,152 El Salvador
Katya Nekrasova 156  
Ori Nevo 134 Canada
Guillemina Ochua 152 Argentina
Stanley Ng 151,153,155,156 Australia
Carlos Pacheco 135,141,144,148 Mexico
Sheryl Rodts-Palenik 137 USA
Marianne Peiffer 155 USA
Cristina Martínez-Payo 137 Spain
Ron Rabinowitz 156 Israel
Angeles Rodríguez Pérez 146 Spain
Pilar Prats 144,145,155 Spain
Valentina Pontell 155 Italy
L Raghunath 147 India
Adelaida Rivera

147,148 Philippines

Diego Rivera 153  
Pablo Hern√°ndez Rojas 146 Mexico
Carl Rose 134 USA
Vicente Jesus Ruiz 155 Argentina
Cesar C Sabbaga 147 Brazil
Shanthi Sairam

137 UK
Bashir Samma 136 Tanzania
Ori Shen 145 Israel
Yulia Shoust 137 Russia
Anita Silber 139,147,152,153 Israel
Yagel Simcha 156 Israel
Lynn Simpson 152 USA
Oleksiy Solovyov 147,149 Ukraine
Salvador Espino y Sosa 135 Mexico
Vasireddy Bindu Sridevi 151 India
Vladimir Stojanovic 144,146,147,153 Serbia
Kostas Tassis 135,145,147 Greece
Joelle Teboul 152 France
Claudia Teodorescu 134,138, 139,148 Romania
Ilan Imor 154 USA
Cataldi Tonino 155 Italy
Ruggero Trevisan 136,137,156 Italy
Edi Vaisbuch 135 Israel
Suseela Vavilala 155, 156 India
Cristi√°n Campos Vel√°squez 135,139 Chile
Soo Wong 156 New Zealand
Atil Yuksel 153,155 Turkey
Yaron Zagel 135 Israel



Name Solved case number: Country
Gale Bloemers 145 USA
Bethany Boyette-Wilkie 155 USA
Joann Chapman 155 USA
Emily Foggia 147,155 USA
Jeff  Hemrich 146 USA
Julie Machette 137 USA
Ine Hildershavn Moen 147 Norway
Misty Morgan 135 USA
Pragna Patel 149,151,152,156 USA
Mary Scarboro 134 USA
Cheryl Turner 138 USA
Diane Ursu 139 USA
Emmy van Houten 137,139,144,148,152 Netherlands



Previous Top Physicians Winners

Name Solved case number: Country
Patrick Bailleul 135,137,144,145,146,147,149,153 France
Dharmashi Bhates 136,138,139 USA
James Bofill 135,153 USA
Moshe Bronstein 149 Israel
Adrian Clavelli 146,154 Argentina
Marzio Casoli 134,137,139,141,144,145,146,147,
Fabrice Cuillier 134,142,144, 145,146,147,149,150,151,153 Reunion Island
Christa Faschingbauer 135,136,137,138,139,141,143,144
Gelsy Guigni 146 Venezuela
Luis Guillermo Diaz Guerrero 147 Venezuela
Luc Gourand 135,136,137,138,143 France
Emmanuel Julien 139,144,145,151 France
Gilles Lonka 136,149 France
Raul Martinez 145 Mexico
Miguel Merino 150,151,152,155 El Salvador
Gianluca Pedroli 135,137,144,145,146,147,148,150
Volker Pietzsch 135,137 Germany
Hector Quiroga 134,135,144,145,146,147,148 Venezuela
Juan Carlos Quintero 148 Colombia
Pankajam Rangarajan 135,144,145,146,147,148,149,151
Annette Reuss  134,136,137,139,147,148,149,150
Kovacs Tibor 134,135,139,141,142,149,151,152
Ildiko Veiszenbacher 134,135,136,137,139,140,141,144
Boopathy Vijayaraghavan