Winners of the Case of the Week for 2003

Congratulations to the winners of the Case of the Week, 2003

Believe it or not... this is already the fifth year of celebrating the Winners of the case of the week ! And this year is 213 participants  who have won at least one case (149 last year, 214 in 2001). There are about 800 participants who send answers plus many more who tell me at meeting that "they are waiting for a case they recognize" before sending an answer :). Actually some people now introduce themselves to me at meeting by saying: "I had 3 correct cases this year". Actually i could use this to apologize for my very short answers. Many people write very polite emails and add a little salutation at the end of their text. I feel guilty to just respond "Good idea but not correct" (which is unfortunately becoming my nickname). I do not mean to be rude, but there are so many emails to answer I just can"t be very loquacious. Of course i am always happy to listen and respond to all the little stories you send ! 

Of the 23 case this year, only one (case 99, Pallister Killian syndrome. by Fabrice Cuilier) was not solved by anyone. This is truly remarkable (the success rate first, and the fact that all these smart brains could be stumped!).

In the physician category we have an extremely competitive year:

Physicians first place: 18 cases out of a possible 23

Hector Quiroga

Dr Hector Quiroga (Picture)


Hector is just about to finish his Ob-Gyn residency in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. He had already several good answers in the past and made it a project to succeed this year in the Case of the Week. He has also contribute some cases of his own. A dynamic young man who reads all ultrasound material he can put his hands on, Hector will surely be a great asset to his patient. He is scheduled to come do a fellowship in Nashville early next year and i look forward to his bright ideas and dynamism. Tibor Kovacs 

Tibor is a Ob-Gyn in Romania (Quick, do not open Google, give me the name of 5 neighboring countries). He is modest to the point that I found him funny ! He says: "I am not so good and these cases are not so easy for me". Well if 18 are of 23 cases correct do not qualify him for being "good" what will he expect of someone excellent ?? To me he IS excellent. He works in a hospital with 1400 deliveries with not much of a library apparently (just the person for which was created ! He is the proud father of a newborn son this year, and credits his wife for allowing him to spend time solving the cases of the week. Another wonderful guy that I am so happy to have the opportunity to be in contact with Ildiko Veiszenbacher


Ildiko is also an Ob-Gyn. Although originally from Hungary she live in Romania too, but close to the border. She too is too demanding on herself and thinks that she does not merit appreciation since she missed a few cases. Wow ! Romanian patients have very good doctors ! She too lives in difficult conditions and has little reference material available. Her letters really show a warm conscientious caring (and bright although denying it) physician. I am very happy to have the opportunity to contact her. Physicians second place: 15 cases out of a possible 23Pedroli Gianluca

Luca Pedroli

Pedroli studied in Rome at La Sapienza and credits his teachers for his good education. He too is an Ob-Gyn doing the full range of activities but with a special love for ultrasound. He contributed to update some case this year and is always eager to help and give kind words to those who made particularly good discussion of their Case of the Week (Dr. Raul Martinez for instance). Another great guy ! Physicians third place: 12 cases out of a possible 23Marzio Casoli


Marzio had timidly started to send answers in the past but this year he was in full gear and got a wonderful number of correct answers ! Chritel Faschingbauer


Chritel not only sends lots of good answers, but she has made a generous donation to the site.  Annette Reuss


Annette has also gotten a very successful year this year ! Physicians fourth place: 11 cases out of a possible 23Fabrice Cuillier


Fabrice works in the Reunion Island. He has contributed many cases to the site, including the unsolved case 99. He has always had well-investigated cases, but since he got a new machine his image are really beautiful. Ra√ɬļl Palmeyro


Ra√ɬļl is a quite person (at least viewed from the receiving end of his email) and just send good diagnoses one after the other ! Hasan Fehm√ɬŠYazicioglu



Hasan Has also been sending responses for a long time but this year was particularly successful. It took me a little while to get the spelling of his name correct but we got it :) Physicians five place: 10 cases out of a possible 23Dharmashi V. Bhate

Dr. Bhates is one of those quite but consistent responder. He send neat answers, kind words and has contributed a case earlier this year. As a Radiologist doing many other areas then ultrasound he was thrilled to be among the winner this year Myrna Cornejo  Myrna is also a radiologist with a busy live, a love for ultrasound and cats. She works in the same hospital has our famous Raul Martinez. Gilles Lonka


Gilles is one of those who always send such polite and courteous emails that i feel guilty of my 2 words response. A long time visitor to the site he has been in high gear this year ! Yolimar Martinez


Yolimar just completed a fellowship in ultrasound with non other then Dr. Alberto Sosa in their new ultrasound teaching lab. She has peppered me with hard Doppler questions. She is also a wizard at Flash, a program that I have long wanted to understand ! Leslie Ossip

Leslie has timidly joined the group a long time ago but this year he has been very succesful. He too is a radiologist !


Sonographers first place: 8 cases out of a possible 23

Wafaa Salah Emad


  Paula Woletz


Since i do not want to frighten new readers by making them compete with pas winner, past winner are in a category by themselves. Interestingly enough, some have had even more correct case this year then the year they won an award. This year to celebrate the 5 first years, I have included an Endurance Award combining all the case they have won. This table is slightly biased by the fact that no all joined the same year:


Physician"s Endurance Award: 5-year cumulative results

Luc Gourand 60
Luis Guillermo Diaz Guerrero 55
Gelsy Giugni Chalbaud 54
Graziella Secchi 52
Claudia Luna Arevalo 48
Alberto Sosa Olavarría 40
Raul Martinez 34

Sonographer"s Endurance Award: 5-year cumulative results

Donna Hale 45
Fabienne Bigi 43
Cyrethia McShane 42




The following are those that found the exact answer to the primary diagnosis in the case of the week. The names in boldface have contributed some of their cases: thank you ! This list is update every 2 weeks at the same time the new case is posted.

The Winner"s list is update at the end of each case... except when I forgot to include someone, and feel guilty and post the correction. At that time some of the winner of the next case may already be in the table. I hope this does not create too much confusion but the logistics of answering all these cases is quite a challenge for my old brain ! Of course if I forgot to include your winning entry, do remind me (send the email). You will not offend me !



Name Solved case number: Country
Ruben Acherman 104 USA
Abdón Alayón 93 Venezuela
Gerard Albaige 88,91,93,95,96,105 Spain
Salvatore Annona 108 Italy
Vladimir Antic 91 Serbia
Jean Simon Arfi 93 France
Pedro P. Arrabal 91,108 USA
Da√ɬį√ɬĹstan Tolga Ar√ɬĹ√ɬ∂z¬†¬† 102 Turkey
Michel Assus 85 France
Rag√ɬĹp Atakan 91 Turkey
Carlo Mario Atondo 108 Mexico
Olawo Ayo 98 United Kingdom
Adolfo Azuaga 91 Venezuela
Shagaf Bakour 91 United Kingdom
Patrick Bailleul 95 France
Heidi Beaver 85 USA
Antonio Carlos Beduschi 92,93,96,98,108 Brazil
Bettina Bessières 93 France
Alberto Bermudez 93,94,95,96,97,104 Venezuela
Ritika Bhandari 93,95,108 India 
Dharmashi V. Bhate 85,88,89,91,95,97,98,102,104,107 USA
Dominique Bonneau 85,93 France
Jean-Michel Briffa 95 France
Geneviève Brodaty 85 France
Moshe Bronshtein 85,94,95,97,107,108 Israel
Dagmar de Bruijn 95 The Netherlands
Yesim Bulbul 95,97,98,102,105,107 Turkey
Yulia Burmagina 85,93 Ukraine
Carlos Canetti 108 Argentina
Marzio Casoli 88,89,90,91,92,93,95,96,97,105,107,108 Italy
Pierre Castaing 87,88,89,95,105 France
Juan Castaner 97,105,108 Puerto Rico
Rabih Chaoui 88 Germany
Antonio Ruiz Chica 95 Spain
Adrian Clavelli 85,90 Argentina
Claude Colin 85,91 France
Philippe Coquel 85,87,88,91,93,94 France
Myrna Cornejo  85,87,90,91,95,97,100,102,105,107 Mexico
Fabrice Cuillier 85,88,91,96,97,98,99,100,104,105,107 France
Fernand Daffos 93 France
Echokamer Deo 95 Netherlands
Ishraq Dhaifalah 108 Yemen
Jaime Gomez Diaz 88 Colombia
François Duchatel 87 France
Lech Dudarewicz 85,88,90,91,93,95,97,100 Poland
Chritel Faschingbauer 87,88,91,93,94,95,96,97,98,102,107,108 Germany
Jose Ferreira 100 Portugal
Dimitru Gafitanu 87,90,91,95 Romania
Juan Carlos Aguilar Garcia 98 Mexico
Rajesh Garge 95 India
Maria Paola Gennamari 92 Italy
Pedroli Gianluca 87,88,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,100,105,107
Jean Marc Gicquel 98 France
Eduardo Gómez Giménez 97 Argentina
Lucia Giudiceandrea 105 Italy
Jorge Gomez 100 USA
Ricardo Gomez 94,95 Venezuela
Márcia Gonçalves 93 Brazil
J.P. Goolaerts 88 Belgium
Gaston Hanna 98 France
Alberto Hernandez 95 Mexico
Donna Hoff 85 USA
Nicolette den Hollander 105,107 Netherland
Caroline Van Holsbeke 95,97 Belgium
Tsung-Che Hsieh 97 Taiwan
Carlso Sanchez Huerta 105 Mexico
Laura Hurtado 89,92,100 Argentina
Philippe Juhel 107 France
Emmanuel Julien 107,108 France
Craig Kalter 85,91,95,108 USA
Sefa Kelekci 87,91,92,93,94,95,100,108 Turkey
Rahul Khaire 95 Ireland
Zvi Kivilevichi 91,93 Israel
Effie Kontopoulos 98 USA
Ianny Kornfeld 88 Saudi Arabia
Tibor Kovacs  85,87,88,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,100,101,102,104
Francesco Labate 95,97,98,107 Italy
Rodolfo Lambruschini 108 Argentina
Natasha Larraz√°bal 93,94,95,96,104,105 Venezuela
Ronaldo Levy 85,93 France
Gilles Lonka 85,88,90,91,93,95,97,102,105,108 France
Ricardo De Loredo 97 Argentina
Luisa Di Luzio 87 Italy
Jose Maria Ramos Maeso

107,108 Spain
Gupta Mahesh 96 India
Paulo Helmuth Malkomes 97,105,108 Brazil
Mercedes Mammone 108 Argentina
Dan Manahan 105,108 Australia
Daniel Margulies 108 Argentina
Bill Martin 97 USA
Andres Martinez 97,98 Spain
Fran Martinez 95 USA
Yolimar Martinez 88,90,91,93,95,96,97,104,105,108 Venezuela
Mikhail Medvedev 105,107 Russia
Adriana Medina 97 Venezuela
João Mendes 93,95,96,97,98 Portugal
George Michailidis 97 USA
Véronique Mirlesse 85 France
Wolfgang Moroder 107 Italy
Manohar Nadar 97  
Michel Nadjari 95 Israel
Poornima Nair 85 India
Alfredo Nazzaro 93,105 Italy
Makoto Nomiyama 88,95 Japan
Guillemina Ochua 85,88,89,91,95,97,98,105 Argentina
Soner Recai Oner 91 Turkey
Gina Opolskiene 93,94,95,98,105,108. Lithuania
Leslie Ossip 90,91,95,97,103,104,105,106,107,108 USA
Juan Carlos Otero 87 USA
Carlos Pacheco 104,105,108 Mexico
Ra√ɬļl Palmeyro 85,88,91,92,93,94,96,97,98,102, 108 Argentina
R Pankajam 97,107 India
Nico de Paola 91,95 Italy
Fabrizio Paolillo 98 Italy
Sara Parada 97 Uruguay
Henrric Venero Parra 91,92,95,97,104 Venezuela
Gonzalo A. Pérez-Canto 97 Venezuela
Selçuk Pervaz 95,96,97 Turkey
Volker Pietzsch 87,88,96,97,107 Germany
Juan Carlos Quintero 108 Colombia
Hector Quiroga 87,88,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,101,102,103,104
I Raghunah 96 India
Nelson Pérez Rebolledo 88,91,94,95,108 Chile
Testoni Renza 95 Italy
Annette Reuss 88,89,91,92,94,95,97,100,102,104,107,108 Germany
Robbert Rijnders 93,104 Netherlands
Carlos Roa 91 Venezuela
Benoit Rombaut 97,108 Belgium
Cristina Rossi 98,102,105 Italy
Julien Saada 93,95 France
Firas Saadeh 95 Palestine
Gulnaz  Sahin 95 Turkey
Shanthi Sairam
87,88,89,93,94,95,108 UK
Pedro J. S√°nchez 91 Spain
Jiri Santavy 108 Czechoslovakia
Pampa Sarkar 108 UK
Norman Sato 85,88,90,93,95,96,98,108 USA
Vito Schena 108 Italy
Arnoldo Segovia 93,95,97,108 Spain
Meyer Serrano 95,97,98,100,104,105,108 Colombia
Ori Shen 91,92,100 Israel
Anita Silber 94,105 Israel
Roya Sohaey 91 USA
Pascale Sonigo
95,97,98 France
Miguel Octavio Sosa 101,103,105,107 Venezuela
Vladimir Vitomira Stojanovic 92,95 Serbia
S Suresh 95 India
Bob Tetuanui 85,91,93,96 French Polynesia
Roy Thomas 92,97 Brunei
Ants Toi 91 Canada
Jorge Valencia 105 Colombia
Brankica Vasiljevic 95 Yugoslavia
Ildiko Veiszenbacher  85,88,89,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,100,101,102,104
Priti Venkatesh. 91,95 India
Konstantinos Vithoulkas 92 Greece
Pavel Vlasin 88,91 Czechoslovakia
L. Watkins 88 Belgium
Hong Soo Wong 91 Hong Kong
Hasan Fehm√ɬŠYazicio√ɬįlu 87,88,89,91,92,93,94,95,97,98,100 Turkey
Yaron Zalel 88 Israel



Name Solved case number: Country
Sharon Andrews 85,88,95 USA
Alisha Bacon 95 USA
Noelle Barnes 95 USA
Patty Berhout 105,108 Netherlands
Monica Bernazzoli 95 USA
Susan Black 85