Winners of the Case of the Week for 2002

Winners of the Case of the Week, 2002

This is the time of the year when I again have the pleasure to congratulate everyone for their tremendous efforts in solving and providing the Cases of the Week.

Incredibly, overall 184 respondents got at least one answer correct. There are several hundreds more who made valiant attempts but were not close enough. I know the "Good idea... but not correct :(" is very depressing for some, but.. hey it is just a test to learn !

By the way, I was in a recent meeting where I too was quizzed (after a long flight and little sleep) and I too got one of those infamous Good idea... but not correct :( !

This year I had divided the groups in more subcategories. The reason for that was that some felt intimidated to compete against the champions of past years. So I put the champions in a special category for themselves. This allowed the champion some break too, since it is not always possible to sustain the amount of effort needed to solve those cases year after year.

In the winner for the physician category (149 respondent had at least one correct answer) we have this year:

Raul Martinez

14 cases out of a possible 20

picture of myself

Raul is long time supporter of Initially he was very shy fearing that his English was not sufficient (it is better then mine by the way, just that Raul is more perfectionist then me !). He progressively contributed many of his cases and we have all enjoyed his careful images and documentation Wes Cormick 13 cases

before and after

Wes is one of the joys of my emails. He has an incredible sense of humor, and he has sent many emails that have become classics around here. Aside from his good humor he is a fine diagnostician, probably one of those who has the best sense of interpretation of the small clues that I drop in the case of the week. He is also a fine photographer and has an astute observer. He once greeted me as I came out of an elevator. And I was puzzled by how he knew who I was: "You have a great big tag with your name on it !" Thomas Schramm 11 cases

Schramm Portrait

Thomas is a quiet respondent. I have met him at a few meetings and he is simply provides good answers with a quite smile. Thomas has not only gotten many cases this year, but he has been active for many years already and has improved his score: Congratulations to him ! Ruggero Trevisan 9 cases   Ruggero is another quiet and dedicated respondent who interestingly had already scored 9 cases last year. Boopathy Vijayaraghavan 8 cases

Boopathy has not only solved many cases but he has sent several recently (to be posted soon) and he has shown great care in his cases and presentations.

The next category, are the 17 sonographers all from the USA this year:

Marilyn Wilhm

14 cases

Marilyn is a super dedicated responder and I feel palpable disappointment when she cannot answer a case… fortunately this was not much the case this year. She reviews those case with a detective instinct and an eagerness that makes me want to be her patient ! Such dedication is marvelous. A avid gardener she also kindly shares with me some pearls ! Charlotte Henningsen 4 cases Both Charlotte and Jennifer have answered 4 cases: congratulations ! Jennifer Mixdorf 4 cases



In the category of former physician winners we find of course many familiar faces. I will simply list them and their scores:

Gelsy Giugni Chalbaud

13 cases

Luc Gourand

13 cases

Claudia Luna Arevalo

12 cases

Graziella Secchi

10 cases


And finally in the former sonographer winner category we have the indisputable champion of this year: Fabienne Bigi with 15 correct answers. Another great success is Cyrethia McShane with 7 cases.


There are a few interesting observations to derive from these results:

  1. The top winner for this year is not only a sonographer, but also a sonographer in a country where sonographers are not the rule !
  2. To my non-statistician eye it is not obvious to me that overall one category (sonographer/MD) has a clear advantage in points over the over.
  3. 13 answers seemed to have been the magic number this year. And I realized that I was starting to forget my rule of a "impossible-case-followed-by-a-difficult-case rule" and was posting just impossible cases and depressing readers. I will try to alternate better in the next year.


Again I wanted to thank everyone for having had the privilege to share this exercise. I hope everyone has learned much from this cases, I am very indebted to all those that made the effort to submit those cases. Some cases come from countries in which currently, intellectual achievements should be far behind the daily worry of simply surviving. These physicians in particular deserve our appreciation for their will power.




The following are those that found the exact answer to the primary diagnosis in the case of the week. The names in boldface have contributed some of their cases: thank you ! 



Name Solved case number: Country
Sharon Andrews 84 USA
Salvatore Annona 81,82 Italy
Biswas Arijit 72 Singapore
Ragıp Atakan 79 Turkey
Carlo Mario Atondo 72,81 Mexico
Rodolfo Avilés 79 El Salvador
Patrick Bailleul 69,79,80,81 France
Perry Barrilleaux 72 USA
Heidi Beaver 72 USA
Antonio Carlos Beduschi 79,81,82 Brazil
Panagiotis Benardis 79 UK
Bettina Bessières 68,82 France
Alberto Bermudez 79,80,81,82 Venezuela
Michael Bethune 69 Australia
Dharmashi V. Bhate 71,72,79,81,82 USA
Amarnath Bhide 79 UK
Gale Bloemers 72 USA
James Bofill 72 USA
Dominique Bonneau 72,73,79,81 France
Geneviève Brodaty 68 France
Moshe Bronshtein 71,72,79 Israel
Jesus Canales Buendia 68,69 Mexico
Yulia Burmagina 79,80,81,82 Ukraine
Roque A. Carpio 78 Argentina
Marzio Casoli 84 Italy
Pierre Castaing 84 France
Luc De Catte 65,69 Belgium
Rabih Chaoui 69 Germany
Ori Chen 72 France
Claude Colin 79,80,81,82,84 France
Giancarlo Cordoni
79 Brazil
Wes Cormick 65,66,67,68,72,73,74,77,78,79,81,82,84 Australia
Amanda Cotter 84 USA
Fabrice Cuillier 82,84 France
Nirvikar Dahiya 71 India
Jodi Dashe 72 USA
Domenico Defazio 82,84 Italy
Victor Dezerega 79 Chile
François Duchatel 72,74,79,82 France
Lech Dudarewiwicz 79,80,81,82 Poland
Elizabeth Eagle 81 USA
Matias Elena 79,80,81,82 Argentina
Hector Figueroa 83 Chile
Jean Claude Franco 69,79 France
Renato Frasson 72,79 Brazil
Maria Teresa Frias 72 Argentina
Dumitru Gafitanu 81 Romanin
Suguna Ganesan 80 Australia
Bharat Gala 82 India
Julio Cesar Soto Galindo 67 Mexico
Adolfo Azuaga García 74 Venezuela
Jean Marc Gicquel 74 France
Ricardo Gomez 79 Venezuela
Luís Flávio Gonçalves 65,74,75,79,81 Brazil
Kathleen M. Hanlon-Lundberg 84 USA
Donna Hoff 79,80,81,82,84 USA
Nicolette den Hollander 65,72,73,74,79 Netherlands
Veiszenbacher Ildiko 82 Romania
Luis Izquierdo 72,84 USA
François Jacquemard 82 France
Elvire Jacques 84 USA
Craig Kalter 73 USA
Han Keunen 65 Netherlands
Zvi Kivilevich 79 Israel
Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy 81 India
Carlos Rubio Lainez 72 Spain
Nicolás Lapentini 67,71,72,73,81 Mexico
Natasha Larrazabal 77,79,81,82 Venezuela
Eric Launay 79 France
Asaf Lerner 79 Israel
Izabel Coelho Lemos 79,80 Brazil
Alvaro Lombardi 71 Mexico
Gilles Lonka 69,82,84 France
Ricardo De Loredo 78 Argentina
Gupta Mahesh 81 India
Gustavo Malinger 65 Israel
Daniel Manahan 79 Australia
Moshe Manor 73 Israel
Daniel Margulies 79 Argentina
Raul Martinez 64,65,66, 68,69,72,73,74,77,79,80,81,82,84 Mexico
Philippe Massoc 64 Chile
Carlos Alberto Mejia 72 Colombia
Juan Carlos Quintero Mejia 69 Colombia
Monte Mercado 84 Spain
Maria Miraz 70 Venezuela
Michel Nadjari 72 Israel
Poornima Nair 84 India
Latha Natarajan 65,71,72,74,80,81,84 India
Alfredo Nazzaro 79 Italy
Aleksandra Novakov 65 Yugoslavia
Guillemina Ochua 78,79,81,82,84 Argentina
Marwan Odeh 72 Israel
Soner Recaý Oner 79,82,84 Turkey
Less Ossip 79 USA
Raúl Oscar Palmeyro  65 Argentina
Nico de Paola 74,78 Italy
Panagiotis Papageorgiou 84 Greece
Carlos Pereira 81 Venezuela
Carlos A Pérez 81,84 Venezuela
Nicolas Perrot 84 France
Robert Petres 84 USA
Pawel Piekarski 79 Poland
Bruce Pielet 81,82 USA
Volker Pietzsch 84 Germany
Juan Quintero 79 Colombia
Hector Quiroga 79,80,81,82 Venezuela
L Raghunath 79 India
Alli Ramiah 72 Singapore
Philippa Ramsay 79 Australia
Jose Alfredo López Rangel  64 Mexico
Annette Reuss 79,82 Germany
Marcus Vinicius Rodrigues 72 Brazil
Gulnaz Sahin 72 Turkey
Antonio J. Briseño Sáinz 65 Mexico
Shanthi Sairam

72,73 UK
Antonio Santoyo 79 Mexico
Efrat Saperstein 72 Israel
Thomas Schramm 64,65,68,69,72,73,74,77,78,79,81 Germany
Mario Sell 79 USA
Juan Sepúlveda 79 Chile
Meyer Serrano 79 Colombia
Jayprakash Shah 69  
Reuven Sharony 77,79,81,82 Israel
Elke Sleurs 65 Belgium
Linda Strand 78 New Zealand
Pascale Sonigo 82 France
Miguel Sosa 73,81 Venezuela
Demetrius Stephanopoulus 64,67,68,69,80 Greece
Ian Suchet 82 Canada
Ismail Teker 65,72, 79 Turkey
Claudia Teodorescu 81,82,84 Romania
Bob Tetuanui 84 French Polynesia
Ruggero Trevisan 65,67,69,72,74,77,79,81,82 Italy
Santiago Trigueros 79 El Salvador
Pudi Trimurty 74 India
Ana Celia Diaz de Uriarte 79 El Salvador
Humberto Vaccaro 72 Chile
Juan Enrique van der Velde 79,81 Argentina
Megha Venkatraman 74 Sultanate of Oman
Boopathy Vijayaraghavan 68,69,72,73,74,79,81,82 India
Fernando Viñals 74 Chile
Pavel Vlašín 73,74 Czechoslovakia
Raymond Wang 79 USA
Hasan Fehmý Yazicioglu 79,82,84 Turkey
Atil Yuksel 72 Turkey
Laurel White 72 USA
Yaron Zalel 64 Israel
Etan Zimmer 71 Israel
Jesus Zurita 79 Venezuela



Name Solved case number: Country
Susan Black 79,81,84 USA
Linda C.Buchheit 79 USA
Kymberlie Dreyer 79,81 USA
Dianna Heidinger 72 USA
Charlotte Henningsen 79,80,81,82 USA
Debra Holland 69 USA
Deborah Levesque 84 USA
Missy Meadows 79 USA
Jennifer Mixdorf 69,71,73,84 USA
Judy Mockridge 84 USA
Adriana Soto 79 USA
Anthony Swartz 64 USA

Risa Vergara

65 USA

Marilyn Wilhm

64,65,66,68,69,72,73,74,75,79,81,82,83,84 USA

Paula Woletz

72,74 USA

Kim Yeager

84 USA


Student Sonographers

Name Solved case number: Country
Jennifer Littleton 82 USA
Kris Rafdahl 81 USA


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