Thank you to Dr Anna Meshkova


Dear Esteemed Users of,

I want to send out a GIANT thank you to Dr. Anna Meshkova from Australia for being our Reviewer for A Month (RAM) in February! Dr. Meshkova submitted some interesting cases with beautifully researched discussions.

Up next, we have Dr. David Jackson who practices in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). Dr Jackson has innumerable academic titles, publications and awards. He in actively involved in resident and medical student education. He lectured with my father in Europe and in the United States. In his words, “I am a husband, a father of 7, and a grandfather of 14. I have been involved with academic and private MFM imaging for approximately 30 years. Therefore, I am older but very young at heart! Older simply means "old school". I try to practice world class medicine with a small-town heart. I remain passionate about teaching, professionalism, patient care, and research.” We are so fortunate to have him working with us on the website!

Check out the discussions tab. This is a great place to present a question or challenging case and receive feedback from experts all over the world. Additionally, Dr Cortejoso has been emailing thoughtful discussions to the Case Of the Week for many years and we are in the process of posting his insights for the benefit for the community.

If you would like to be a Reviewer for A Month (RAM), you can find additional information here. As suggested in the name, you help review and post the cases for a month. If you have already served as a reviewer, please consider signing up again! Click the "Volunteer sign up" button. You must be signed into your profile to sign up.

Please send us your cases! We can only continue posting the Case Of the Week (COW) twice per month with your contributions. If you don't have time, remember that it provides an excellent opportunity to learn how to write and submit a case report for students and residents in your practice. We look forward to reviewing them.