Limb body stalk anomaly

Federico Corvaro, MD; Marinela Cabrera,MD; Georgina Carlos, MD; Carlos Elorza, MD.

Hospital Miguel P√©rez Carre√Īo. Caracas. Venezuela.

Case report

A 32-year-old G2P1 came for the routine ultrasonographic exam at 25 weeks of gestation. We found the anterior abdominal wall defect with evisceration of the liver, ectopia cordis, severe deformation of the spine, club feet, low set ears, and short umbilical cord with single umbilical artery. The placenta had a dense echostructure and a polyhydramnios was present. The findings were consistent with the limb body wall complex.

Images 1, 2: 25 week of pregnancy; Image 1 shows a transverse scan at the level of the thorax with ectopia cordis. Image 2 shows the anterior abdominal wall defect with eventration of the liver.


Images 3, 4: 25th week of pregnancy; Image 3 shows small, dense and thick placenta with polyhydramnios. Image 4 shows 3D picture of the umbilical cord (lack of coiling; two vessel cord).



Images 5, 6: 25th week of pregnancy; 3D. Image 5 shows a foot and a hand of the fetus - club foot is visible. Image 6 shows fetal facial profile.


Image 7: 25th week of pregnancy; 3D image shows a severe deformation of the fetal spine.



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