Fetal lithium effects

Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD Sandra R Silva, MD

Definition:   Cardiac anomaly (see below) and possible goiter due to maternal ingestion of lithium for manic-depressive disorder.

Synonyms: None.

Incidence:  Very rare

Etiology: Maternal exposure to lithium. A report in the 1970 associated the maternal use of lithium with Ebstein anomaly (with a 400% risk factor)[1],[2],[3]. More recent data have not supported this finding[4],[5],[6]. The final answer is probably that there might be a very small increase, but that it is infrequent enough that it should not be the cause for discontinuing treatment.

Recurrence risk: None.

Diagnosis: Aside from the exceptional Ebstein anomaly, goiter and polyhydramnios[7] and oromandibular-limb hypogenesis[8] or even stillbirth[9] have been reported.

Pathogenesis: Unknown.

Genetic anomaly: None

Associated anomalies: None

Differential diagnosis: None

Prognosis: Dependent on the severity of the anomaly if they exist.

Management: No alteration of management indicated.


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