Conjoined twins

Karine Otaryan, MD ; Dmitry Shekhovtsov, MD

Karine Otaryan1, MD ; Dmitry Shekhovtsov2, MD

1. Botkin Hospital Division of Prenatal Diagnostics, Moscow.
2. Family Planning and Reproduction Center, Moscow.

Case report

Following images represent a case of a monoamniotic monochorionic conjoined twins at 13 weeks 4 days of gestation.
Our ultrasound examination detected nonseparation in the lower part of thorax, abdomen, and pelvis, two hearts, four upper and two lower extremities, and single common umbilical cord with three vessels.
The attempt of termination with misoprostol + mifepristone was unsuccessful and surgical termination was needed, without obtaining intact abortus.

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