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Petra Turnova

Posting Dates: Jul 15, 2023 - Jul 30, 2023

27-year-old woman with poor social history was sent to our unit in the 34th week of pregnancy. The father of the fetus was unknown and the patient was unaware of her pregnancy for the first 16 weeks. Two days prior to our examination, the fetus was alive on an ultrasound scan. As we performed our ultrasound examination, the patient mentioned that she did not feel fetal movements for approximately 12 hours.

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We demonstrate a case of congenital syphilis resulting in fetal demise.

The patient was treated for syphilis during the 16th week of pregnancy. Despite treatment, severe fetal infection occurred resulting in fetal death.

Congenital syphilis is caused by an infection with spirochete Treponema pallidum which crosses the placenta during pregnancy. Maternal syphilis is associated with a 6% risk for preterm delivery, 21% risk for intrauterine death and a 9% risk of neonatal death.  Although all pregnant women should be screened for syphilis at the first prenatal visit, the treatment can be delayed if the first prenatal visit occurs late in pregnancy as in our case.

Sonographic findings consistent with congenital infection include placentomegaly, hepatomegaly, ascites, polyhydramnios and non-immune hydrops. In our case, we identified a severely ill fetus with starry night appearance of the liver and hyperechogenic nodules. Starry night appearance of the liver refers to the sonographic finding of a hepatic parenchyma with bright echogenic dots and decreased echogenicity of liver parenchyma.


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