Case of the Week #585

Frantisek Grochal
Femicare, Center of prenatal ultrasonographic diagnostics, Martin, Slovakia

Posting Dates: Jun 30, 2023 - Jul 14, 2023

A 32-year old G1P0 presented to our office at 12 weeks, 4 days of her pregnancy and following findings were observed.

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Video 1 © 2023 Frantisek Grochal
Video 2 © 2023 Frantisek Grochal

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We present a case of  D-transposition of the great arteries.

Our imaging revealed the following findings:

  • Abnormal three-vessel view of the heart - only a small and short part of the pulmonary artery was seen, making an atypical V-shape confluence of the pulmonary artery and aorta
  • Parallel course of the aorta and pulmonary artery in the sagittal plane with the aortic arch arising anteriorly close to the sternum and in front of the pulmonary artery.

The diagnosis was confirmed at a follow up ultrasound at 16 weeks, and the patient was sent to our National Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases for further management of the pregnancy and delivery.

Video 1 © 2023 Frantisek Grochal
Video 2 © 2023 Frantisek Grochal

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