Call for cases


Dear Esteemed Users of,

Please send us your interesting cases!  We are looking for cases that would make a good Case Of the Week. These are cases that are unique but that the diagnosis can be made with prenatal imaging (if the diagnosis requires genetic information, it is harder to arrive at the correct answer with imaging alone).

We will soon have a case submission process that will easily walk you through the process of case submission. Until that process is up and running, you can submit your cases by clicking the "Submit a Case" button under the "Cases" tab.

Submit a case

Next you fill out the highlighted areas in the form. Remember to create a zip file with the documents and images you are submitting. This zip file should include:

  1. A word document that describes your case report, including post-natal follow up information that confirms your diagnosis. Please include image captions, a discussion of your case and references.
  2. The image and video files. Please remove patient information

Click "upload a file" to attach your zip file.

Submit a case 2

We look forward to reviewing your cases and posting them to the website! Thank you for your help and consideration!