Archived News and Notes


Dear Esteemed users of,

I want to continue discussing the new upgrades to the website. Last time, we reviewed the "Discussion" tab and I continue to encourage you to take and look at the discussions and either post your difficult case that you have questions about, or respond to a discussion with your own thoughts or experiences.

This week, I want to introduce the archived "News and Notes." If you click on the yellow button, it will bring you to all the News and Notes that have been published on the website.

News and Notes

Over time, I plan to have entries called "How to" that give instructions on commonly asked questions. For example, I have had several users who asked about changing their picture, country of origin, or profession. You can look at detailed instructions under the "How to: Edit profile" published on April 20th. I want to remind you that for the purposes of the winner's page, the column "Sonographer" is the technician who does the ultrasound exam. This is a common practice in the United States but may not be the case in other countries. If you are a physician (doctor) and went to medical school, you should list your profession as "physician."

And as always, please SEND US YOUR INTERESTING CASES!! I would like to continue posting a case of the week twice a month as we are doing now!