Annual Case of the Week Winners List for 2022

TheFetus is truly a global collaborate effort and I want to highlight the international teamwork among the reviewers, contributors, and participants. The cases and expertise come from all over the world. Despite those who may try and make us think otherwise, we are not so different:  We want to contribute positively in our lifetime and see our family, friends, and patients thrive.

This year, 23 cases were presented, and there were 200 participants who responded correctly at least once to the case of the week. Congratulations to everyone who solved these unique and difficult cases! You can see from the map that our  website users come from all 6 major continents and 160 different countries.

Map 2022

In 2022, began our innovative reviewer system: the Reviewer for A Month (RAM). I want to express my deepest gratitude to all those RAMs brave enough to test out the new system and volunteer their time and expertise:

Sara Abdallah Salem (Egypt) Irina Tihonenko (Belarus) Javier Cortejoso (Spain)
Luis Izquerido (USA) Cem Sanhal (Turkey)

I would also like to thank everyone who contributed cases this year. Without you, we would not be able to continue our goal of sharing knowledge and bringing educational cases to the international community for free:

Inanc Mendilcioglu (Turkey) Moshe Bronshtein (Israel) Javier Cortejoso (Spain)
Oueslati Boujemaa (Tunisia) Ta Son Vo (Vietnam) Lusine Karapetyan (Russia)
Frantisek Grochal (Slovakia) Vladimir Lemaire (USA) Azar Farajov (Azerbaijan)
Fabrice Cuillier (Reunion Island) Fabien Ho  (Reunion Island) Olga Chursina (Russia)
Anna Meshkova (Russia) Rasha Abo Almagd (Egypt) Cem Sanhal (Turkey)

Finally, I want to extend a giant and special thank you to Franti Grochal, Javier Cortejoso, and David Beaumont for always answering my emails, and for writing, reviewing, editing and posting many of the cases!

Favorite Case of the Week

We had many interesting cases submitted this year. I want to congratulate Ta Son Vo for receiving the most votes for his winning case, Zellweger's spectrum disorder! Dr. Vo is also a first time winner in the physician category this year. Dr. Cem Sanhal and Dr. Korkut Daglar came in second with Koolen De Vries Syndrome, and Dr. Javier Cortejoso came in third with Mirror image and Refraction artifact. Thank you and congratulations!

COW 2022

Physician - First-Time Winners

Murat Cagan (Turkey) - 14 Cases

I'm a research assistant in Maternal-Fetal Medicine & Perinatology fellowship program at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey. I earned my medical degree at Hacettepe University and became an ObGyn specialist at the same place in 2018.

I would like to thank Cerine and all her collaborators for their enormous work on¬†, where I learned a lot and helped me improve. I am honored to be on the list of Top Winners in 2022. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my mentors Prof. Dr. √Ėzg√ľr Deren and Prof. Dr. √Ėzg√ľr √Ėzy√ľnc√ľ. As its member, I bow respectfully before the cherished memory of Philippe Jeanty and dedicate my first place among the First-Time Winners to Mustafa Kemal Atat√ľrk and the republic he founded.

Ta Son Vo

Ta Son Vo (Viet Nam) - 14 Cases

Dr. Vo not only answered 13 cases correctly, but also contributed a COW this year. Thank you so much for your contribution! In his words:

"I am Dr. Ta Son Vo, a fetal medicine specialist at Vinmec Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I am happy to find out answers for COW because of challenging levels which require combining knowledge not only images but also genetics... and spending lots of time on coming to a conclusion. Moreover, posts on TheFetus help me to gain many valuable experiences and information.

In 2017, I was glad to meet Prof Jeanty when he gave a lecture in Saigon, Vietnam. He strongly encouraged me right from the first time I started solving cases on TheFetus. Prof Jeanty is very dedicated to fetal medicine and fetal ultrasound and I am extremely grateful for his contribution.

Hopefully next year, besides the COW, I could contribute and share my actual cases to the community."

Suat ńįnce (Turkey) - 13 Cases

I am from Van, Turkey. I graduated from Erciyes University.  I am currently working as a radiologist in SBÜ Van Training and Research Hospital. I have a great family: a wife and two daughters. I am very thankful for the people I meet on my professional and life journey. I express my deep gratitude to the organizers of the Fetus. net project and everybody who contributed.

Ionut Valcea (Romania) - 11 Cases

My name is Ionut Valcea- I am an ObGyn doctor from Romania  - a beautiful country in the south-east of Europe. I work in a state maternity in Bucharest (Bucur Hospital) and also in the MFM department.

First of all, l  would like to say how honoured I am to be in your top Winner’s list of doctors in 2022. In the last years I’ve been trying to deepen the knowledge of fetal ultrasound and so I’ve found this fabulous community. I am also part of a project for promoting fetal ultrasound in my country, called Voluson User Days. I have two wonderful and sweet little girls and my greatest passions are hiking, photography and history. As for my mentors I would like to thank two of my colleagues who have shown a lot of confidence and who are inspiring examples every day: doctor Razvan Stanca and doctor Mircea Poenaru.

Also many thanks to dear Cerine Jeanty for making go on and for making a dream come true!

Vladimir Lemaire (United States) - 10 Cases

Dr. Lemaire not only answered 9 cases correctly, but also contributed a COW this year. Thank you so much for your contribution! In his words:

"I am originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where I practiced medicine for 10 years, I was introduced to ObGyn ultrasound by Drs Lisbet Hanson and Jean Edgard Aupont. I was immediately fascinated by this amazing tool. I currently live in the United States where I work as a Maternal Fetal Medicine Sonographer and a Consultant for GE.

Throughout the years, I have been blessed to cross paths with great mentors such as Drs Philippe Jeanty, Jean-Claude Fouron, Enrico Ferrazzi, Alfred Abuhamad, Elena Sinkovskaya and Tamara Stampalija.

When I am not reading about prenatal diagnosis, I enjoy spending time with my family, listening to music (classical, gospel or jazz), and going to the movie theater.

I am honored to be among the top winners for this year. Thank you Cerine for carrying out your father’s legacy."

Rasha Abo Almagd (Egypt) - 9 Cases

I am Rasha Abo Almagd, Associate Professor ObGYN, Zagazig University Consultant ObGYN Ultrasound. Mother of two amazing children, I love my work and I have a special great passion for the prenatal ultrasound science. I would like to thank Dr. Cerine Jeanty and teamwork for their continuous awesome support to maintain such a unique educational fetal medicine site. Really, I am so happy to be on the top winner list 2022. Appreciate your efforts, Thank you once again.

Ivan Ivanov (Russian Federation) - 8 Cases

I am 36 years old. I work in the center of prenatal diagnostics of the Republican Clinical Hospital, the city of Kazan, the Republic of Tatarstan, in Russia. Our center performs screening of pregnant women in the 1st and 2nd trimesters according to FMF standards. Also, our center performs the final ultrasound examination when detecting fetal malformations and makes decisions on the expediency of prolonging pregnancy with identified fetal malformations. The fundamental book "Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Anomalies. R. Romero, G. Pilu, P. Jeanty " is of great theoretical help in my work. Our head Liliana Teregulova provides great practical assistance.

In my free time from work, I spend time with my family and do work on the garden.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the "founders" of prenatal diagnostics in the world, Roberto Romero, Gianluigi Pilu, Philippe Jeanty, Beryl Benacceraf and many others who stood at the origins of such a huge field of medicine - prenatal diagnostics. Thanks to our head Liliana Teregulova, Chief geneticist Zulfiya Vafina for the introduction and organization of prenatal diagnostics in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Sonographer - First-Time Winners

Oskar Sylwestrzak (Poland) - 7 Cases

I want to make a special mention for Dr. Sylwestrzak who started answering the case of the week as a medical student. He is going to be full obstetrical resident doctor in two months. Congratulations on completing your studies and successfully answering many of these challenging cases. It is an indication of your hard work and perseverance!

In Dr. Sylwestrzak words:

"I work at the Department of Prenatal Cardiology, Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital in Lodz, Poland. My supervisor and teacher is prof. Maria Respondek-Liberska, who taught me all I know. I had a great pleasure to work with students as a assistant at the Department of Congenital Malformations Diagnosis and Prevention, Medical University of Lodz, Poland. On everyday practice I deal with fetuses and obstetrical patients and my special interest is prenatal cardiology and congenital heart defects. I have studied on Medical University in Lodz, Poland and Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. I have also just finished scientific internship in Children Heart Center, Motol Hospital in Prague under supervision of dr. Viktor Tomek and prof. Jan Janousek. I am really grateful to all my mentors."

Rushina Patel (United States) - 7 Cases

I was born in India and came to United States when I was 9.  Chicago has been my home since then.  I have a bachelors in Computer Programming but I have always had more interest in the medical field.  My sister is also a sonographer and she inspired me to follow her footsteps.  I started out my career in general radiology, and there, I found out that I preferred doing OB ultrasound.  Eventually, I landed my dream job at a Maternal Fetal Medicine office and have been here since past 9 years.  I love my job and I feel grateful that I can make a difference for hopeful parents-to-be.

Rebecca Evans (Australia) - 4 Cases

I was born in, and continue to live in Sydney, Australia. I began my career working in Nuclear Medicine and then fell in love with Ultrasound, especially Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

I work as a Sonographer at Ultrasound Care with a team of very talented Doctors and Sonographers.

When I am not scanning, I love spending time with my family and pets (especially my cat). I love running, hiking and gardening.

Physician - Previous Winners


Umber Agarwal (United Kingdom) - 17 Cases

I am a consultant in Maternal and Fetal Medicine working at one of the largest standalone maternity units in the NHS UK since 2012. I find myself incredibly fortunate and blessed to have known Prof Jeanty and learn from his incredible knowledge and wisdom over the years. My association with him has shaped my career a lot and I will always be deeply grateful to him for the work he has done for Obstetric ultrasound and Fetal medicine community. This is the 5th year in a row that I share the Winner's platform with the esteemed members of COW and have a great sense of pride in achieving this landmark in my career. This would not have been possible without Prof Jeanty's inspiration and guidance. He lives in our hearts forever.

Fatih ULUC (Turkey) - 17 Cases

To my hero and dear dad Mehmet Atik ULUÇ. Passed away last November.

Halil Mesut (Turkey) - 17 Cases


Javier Cortejoso (Spain) - 16 Cases

I want to say a few words about Dr Cortejoso: Not only did he correctly answer 12 cases, but he also contributed 4! He has been a tremendous resource for me and a wealth of information. Thank you so much for all your help! In his words:

"One more year it is a great satisfaction to be in the Winner's List of the Case Of the Week (COW). During this past year I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Cerine being Reviewer for A Month (RAM). It is a different way of helping that has allowed me to understand how it works, as well as learning from another perspective. Finally, I would like to thank some of my reference people in obstetric ultrasound (Frantisek and Moshe) that they have allowed me to collaborate in their cases. It has been a great opportunity."

Ana Ferrero (Spain) - 15 Cases

I¬īm very happy to be part of 2022 winners list again. Thanks to Cerine and The Contributors for continuing to maintain this source of knowledge and encouragement for all of us who are dedicated to prenatal diagnosis. It¬īs very interesting to verify the high scientific level of the cases presented during 2022. Each case is a challenge to solve and learn every day. Thanks¬†for keeping active and so interesting.

Mayank Chowdhury (India) - 12 Cases

I am working at Mayflower women's hospital, Ahmedabad from western India and heading the fetal medicine department. My journey with over the last 18 years has been a great learning experience, even today. My thought process to evaluate a case is very much influenced by I started my career from Mehasana and my schooling was from Modasa.

I love to go to mountains, lakes and river during my childhood. I am fond of travel, reading books, cycling, and my scan during which I constantly listen to Hindi music. My profession has given me opportunity to meet wonderful people like you.  I love my family and spending time with them. I love too!!!

I am very much thankful Prof S Suresh, Dr Indrani Suresh and Mediscan for this achievement. Now we have started fetoscopic surgery also and our center is now one stop solution for unborn, trying to make unborn more happier, healthier.  Best wishes from Mayflower family, Ahmedabad

Igor Yarchuk (Ukraine) - 11 Cases

I am 54 years old and I am a doctor of ultrasound diagnostics at the  department of instrumental diagnostic methods in Odessa, Ukraine. Also, I practice echocardiography for all ages. I love my job, and I enjoy watching little people living in the bellies of their pregnant mothers. I was born and raised in a city near the Black Sea coast, Chornomorsk. My hobbies are music, photography, and everything related to computers. I have a wife and a daughter, whom I am proud of and love.


filiz halici √∂zt√ľrk (Turkey) - 10 Cases

It is a great honor for me to be on the 2022 winners list. I graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 2000.  I am working as a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist in a private clinic in Ankara/Turkey.  I've been following The Fetus Net family with pleasure, whom I got to know about five years ago thanks to Dear Dr. Cem Sanhal.

I would express my gratitude for Dr. Philippe Jeanty, who founded, which is an important learning resource for those of us interested in prenatal diagnosis. Also special thanks to Dear Cerine Jeanty who continues to maintain it, and all contributors.

Silber ed

Anita Silber (Israel) - 10 Cases

I was born in Germany , living for the last 50 years in Israel. I have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. I've been doing fetal scans at every stage of pregnancy since 1991, and love my profession! Besides caring for pregnant women i like to hike and to read , and continue to puzzle over the case of the week.

Andrii Averianov (Ukraine) - 9 Cases

I thank the medical site for the possibility of professional promotion. Philippe Jeanty helped advance my formation as a specialist. Especially when invited by Ukrainian professor genetics Svetlana Arbuzova, he repeatedly came to Ukraine to the city of Donetsk with lectures and practical recommendations. Now, when Russo-Ukrainian War continues, I live and work in the capital of Ukraine in Kyiv. As my colleagues and all the Ukrainian people help each other fight for their independence and a worthy place in the family of countries of European civilization. Glory to Ukraine!

Sonographer - Previous Winners


Dianna Heidinger (United States) - 13 Cases

I’m a perinatal sonographer in Las Vegas, NV.  I work at Desert Perinatal Associates.  I enjoy my pets, hiking, attending shows and concerts, and solving the Case of the Week.