Mission & Purpose
Dr. Jeanty
Mission & Purpose
Dr. Jeanty
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Mission & Purpose

TheFetus.net is a website dedicated to presenting cases and articles in the field of fetal medicine and ultrasound prenatal diagnostic. TheFetus.net’s purpose is to provide free educational material to ultrasound practitioners worldwide. Cases presented on the website serve as an important study material for website users in order to increase their knowledge of fetal medicine and improve the delivery of patient care. The website is systematically supplied by up-to-date information provided by its supporters. TheFetus.net is supervised by a panel of experts in the field, in order to assure the quality of published information.

Target Audience
TheFetus.net serves a worldwide audience of ultrasound practitioners, healthcare professionals, parents and students.

Content Areas
Content areas cover all aspects of fetal medicine; genetics, fetal development, prenatal screening, ultrasonography, fetoscopy, fetal surgery and maternal diseases or conditions that may affect the fetus.

Types of Activities
The types of activities that TheFetus.net provide are articles with images and videos; interactive lectures; multimedia applications on DVD; live events including conference and courses.

TheFetus.net produces educational material and services that provide information on fetal medicine imaging, bring users a large quantity of valuable images and information to improve their diagnostic skills. TheFetus.net collects unique data from the worldwide suppliers and brings new and additional information on fetal anomalies and pregnancy complications. The archived data on specific topic are compiled into interactive lectures and courses. TheFetus.net serves as a website where ultrasound practitioners exchange their skills and knowledge and consult their cases with renowned experts in the field of fetal medicine. The Fetus.net’s website contains trustful information which is free and easily accessible for its users.

Expected Results
TheFetus.net’s main goal is to provide free educational activities that lead to improved patient care. The Fetus.net”s activities are designed to improve the skills and widen the range of knowledge of its target audience in the field of fetal medicine.

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Contact Information
Site Information: Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD C.V.
Site Creation: Chuck Neal, Binary Evolution

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The following description is an outline of ideas concerning the establishment of an on line repository of information related to the diagnosis and management of conditions that affect the fetus. It is the purpose of this endeavor to provide assistance to those who perform prenatal diagnosis and to the parents of fetuses possibly affected by problems.

The guiding principles will be:

  1. scientific integrity; so that the information can be trust,
  2. usefulness to the patients and those providing their care
  3. easy access (no subscription no "sign in", no fees); so that those who need the information can access it unrestricted,
  4. openness; so that the information will be able to flow unencumbered by the obstacles of previous media.


Fetal Medicine is a field dedicated to the study of fetal development, congenital abnormalities and disease processes that may pose a threat to the fetus. It evolved tremendously in the past 20 years because of advancements in instrumentation allowing access to the intrauterine environment (ultrasonography, embryoscopy, fetoscopy, chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis, cordocentesis and fetal surgery), developments in genetics and a better understanding of maternal diseases that may affect the pregnancy and the fetus.

A great deal of research is conducted in this area and published in peer-reviewed journals. Research results are often conflicting and a consensus difficult to be grasped by the clinician. Textbooks, on the other hand, are available but become outdated soon, as a result of the ever-evolving research efforts, technology and procedures added to the lack of consensus among experts.

While the demand for professionals in this area increases in the world, few centers are qualified to provide adequate training and certification. Even if high standard training is provided, when the professional returns back to clinical practice it is difficult to keep up with the information being generated.

Our objective is to create a site dedicated to fetal medicine imaging. All aspects would be covered: genetics, fetal development, prenatal screening, ultrasonography, fetoscopy, fetal surgery and maternal diseases or conditions that may affect the fetus. Information will be available on line in text, images, videos and possibly even scheduled debates and conferences. The site will be supervised by a panel of world experts in the field, in order to assure the quality of the information delivered.


On line journal dedicated to case reports of prenatal diagnoses of rare conditions

TheFetus.net is a journal on prenatal diagnosis of congenital anomalies. The journal was a bimonthly publication available to subscribers only, published from 1991 through 1994. It specialized in full length case reports of rare conditions, so that all interesting and rare cases diagnosed or observed prenatally, that were not well considered in conventional journals, had all the space, color and illustrations they wanted in TheFetus.net. Case-reports are the poor children of the medical literature and for good reasons: the rarer the case, the less likely the readers will be interested and Editors are often leery of allotting space. Yet for the practitioner the rational is just the reverse: if indeed no one wants to read all the possible case reports, it is very important to have easy access to a thorough review and discussion when confronted with a patient suspected of having such an anomaly. In the current system it is difficult to obtain original copies of an article and for medical imaging, the faxed copy or the PDF of an article is rarely of sufficient quality to compare the images with those on hand.

The editorial board will be composed of experienced authors (each already reviewer for conventional journals, and author of conventional textbooks). Usual peer review process will be applied. Respect of patient"s privacy and codes of ethics would be enforced as in other good journals.

The very structured form of the case-report make it easy to retrieve the appropriate information. The case will contain images, static and video.

The advantages of an on-line version are:

  1. Concentration in one place of articles that are now disseminated in hundreds of journals where they have little impact. For instance the task of recognizing what could be the differential diagnosis of a hypoechoic but not cystic mass in an 18-week fetal abdomen is difficult in the current system. The on line version allows for keyword searches.
  2. Easier access for reader: the computerized access would allow easy searches, and readers could download the whole article if they wish to keep a copy on their side.
  3. Much cheaper, thus more available for physicians in less privileged countries who suffer from the vagaries of the postal systems.
  4. Patients could have access to it
  5. Video clip can be included which would be more informative than the static images in particular for cardiac conditions.
  6. Subscribers could be made aware of new cases when posted.
  7. No press or printing deadlines

The dynamics of publication may change somehow from the printed version because of the nature of INTERNET sites, which are dynamic. We envision that cases will be published and updated much faster than what is currently possible with printed journals after going through peer review.

The accumulation of cases, articles and reviews will progressively built an online reference source.

1. The Gallery 
When an article has covered a subject, subsequent authors could either provide improved/updated manuscripts or simply add images to a gallery that would be appended to case reports. For instance if a case of fetal aortic aneurysm is published, it is unlikely, if the article is thorough and well researched, that a subsequent submission on such a rare case will add much to the discussion. Yet knowing the evolution and management outcome of subsequent cases would be very valuable. This information does not find its way in conventional journals. Further, from our discussions with many course participants, it is clear that many practitioners have very interesting cases and although they may not have the inclination to write a whole case-report a short version and images could contribute to the gallery.

2. Case of the Week
A Case of the Week will be presented. Visitors will be invited to try to solve these cases and, every other week, the answer to the case will be presented and discussed with the author and an additional expert if pertinent. Transcripts of these sessions will be permanently available for posterior consultation.

3. Help solve the case
An on line journal could also provide a place for submission of cases for advises. This would be equivalent to the corridor consults that happen in hospital or the phone calls to various colleagues, but with a much wider audience.

4. An area dedicated to genetics applied to fetal medicine.
In this area will be presented current concepts of genetics applied to common conditions that affect the fetus. All case reports and conditions published in the textbook area will be linked to this area for support.

A dedicated editor will be responsible for this area and the further developments of this part of the site.

5. An area dedicated to advances in fetal therapy and alternative diagnostic procedures
This area will be a very dynamic area of the site and we assume will have a lot of consultation. It is also the most sensitive part of fetal medicine, as therapeutic procedures on the fetus, in particular surgical, are under constant investigation. A dedicated editor in the field will be responsible for this part of the site, and we will invite Dr. Ruben Quintero for the task.

6. An area dedicated to evaluation of fetal well-being
In this area, topics such as Doppler velocimetry, biophysical profile and alternative tests for fetal well being evaluation will be discussed. This is also an area filled with controversies, that may benefit from INTERNET technology, since consensus meetings among experts located everywhere in the globe could be held and reports generated to clinicians.

7. An area dedicated to maternal conditions that may affect the fetus
This area will be dedicated to publication and discussion of articles, consensus, forums and conferences on issues like preterm labor, premature rupture of membranes, preeclampsia, infectious diseases, diabetes, isoimmunization, etc.

8. How can you help?
Editorial assistance (reviewing manuscripts), providing interesting "Cases of the Week" or case report will be greatly appreciated. Sources of funding will also be very much appreciated.

Site copyright 1990-2021 Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD-Material copyright by individual authors.
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Contact Information
Site Information: Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD C.V.
Site Creation: Chuck Neal, Binary Evolution

Dr. Jeanty

in loving memory ofPhilippe Jeanty, MD, PhDJune 30, 1953 - November 25, 2020

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Siempre agradeceré a Philippe su inmensa labor en la formación continuada del diagnóstico prenatal. Su genialidad, inquietud y entusiasmo ha conseguido congregar a especialistas de todas las partes del mundo alrededor de un caso clínico.
user submitted image
To Philippe Jeanty, our global teacher, hero of legend for ever, with affection and one immense gratitude for his unprecedented generosity!

And thanks a lot to the courageous team who has taken over the job on the site.
Luc GOURAND France
user submitted image
In my opinion, he is the chief scientist of this subspeciality around the world, which confirms this high scientific standing is his keenness to teach others this science, and I personally learned a lot from him even from a distance. I met him twice here in Egypt, the first time in 2008. It suffices to be proud of its creation of this unique scientific website (the fetus.net), from which, the specialists had learned and are still learning in this branch. Just as his family lost him a father, brother, or husband, so the specialists lost him as a scientist and leader
Emad Abdelrahim Elshorbagy Egypt / Cairo Lament to Philippe Jeanty
user submitted image
He was a great mentor and the reason is specialized in fetal medicine
HAISSAM Aref Egypt Dr
user submitted image
Самому доброму, лучезарному человеку . 2019г 28ноября была лекция по фетальной эхокардиографии, тогда он всё подробно, четко обьяснил, каждый вопрос не остался без ответа, показал хороший мастер класс..тогда он обещал в 2020г приехать к нам в Бишкек. К сожелению 2020г был жестоким всем ...и не стал и замечательного наставника Филиппа Джанти ..пусть земля будет пухом. Вы в наших сердцах навсегда!
Aizirek Ganieva Bishkek Kyrgysztan
Philippe, tu étais très généreux et tu as continué à nous écrire après le départ de notre mari/père qu'était le Dr François Manson ; tu avais compilé ses publications et tous ses cas. C'est un trésor pour nous!
Nous embrassons Thao et adressons toutes nos condoléances à sa famille, ses amis et collègues. Marie-Catherine et Valentine Manson, France
ses amis et collègues!
Philippe was the greatest man in the Universe. When I had met him, I started thinking so, And still thinking. His abilities to teach, to guide, to listen to, to give advice, to live through some events together were incredible as well as a sense of humour, aspiration to life and... Actually, the list is endless.
We lost the great Tutor. We will remember Philippe forevere.
In Russian speaking countries we held on-line meeting in commemoration of Philippe with more than 800 participants. So, Philippe, you can see - people love you and still need you...
Iryna Tsikhanenka Belarus
Philippe est un Grand Scientifique, un Grand Medecin, Un Grand specialiste de l echographie Foetale; j ai appris sa mort avec un enorme chagrin et une grande tristesse; les larmes aux yeux, un amour dans le coeur, je m en rappellerai toujours...Je l ai rencontré une seule fois à Paris, mais, on s ecrivait continuellement durant de longues années; je lui exposais mes cas les plus difficiles, il me repondait, m aidait toujours avec un grand savoir mais surtour une grande Generosité..Bref, il m a appris toujours et m a grandement marqué par ses grandes Qualités: son savoir et sa generosité...

Paix à son ame, il restera toujours parmi nous et dans nos coeurs...

Nous t aimons Philippe....
Boujemaa Oueslati Tunis, Tunisia
user submitted image
Dear friends and colleagues,

Sadly, I would like to announce that our dear friend Philippe has passed away. He was not only a mentor to me, but also It was like a father and a source of inspiration. I took this photograph in Mandalay, after a course. I feel that it represents him quite precisely, always smiling even after a long working day. I have not more details to share with you at the moment. We will decide how to proceed regarding TheFetus and we will use the website to communicate any news. A warm hug to the family, friends and the community.
user submitted image
This is one of the saddest news I could get these days, and I still can´t believe this is really true. I was e-mailing Philippe yesterday and now he is away ☹. Philippe meant a lot to me. He was not only my friend, adviser, and guru, but he was really like my second father always willing to help. Through my tears, I’m not able to say more now. This a big loss not only for me but for all people who knew him. My deepest sympathies to his family.

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